Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Just One

Name: Christian Scott Hessler
From: Hastings, Nebraska
Grade: 11
School: St. Cecilia High School
Votes: 1

Hello, my name is Christian Hessler and I am a senior at St. Cecilia high
school. I am involved in many activities and sports at my school, but
I always try to make time to volunteer. I think that volunteering
should be a necessity in our world and I think that everyone should
do it but not only because they have to but because they enjoy doing
it in order to make a difference in our world, no matter how small.
Over my life I volunteered in many different areas, but the two I
volunteer in are my school and Hearts and Hands Against Hunger. My
school is a catholic school and it doesn’t always get the funds it
needs to keep the doors open so I help organize and volunteer up to
75 hours per year to my school to raise funds. I think I chose this
kind of volunteering because this helps children get an education
they need, and I know they could go to a public school and receive an
education there as well but this education is different because it is
centered around God. I think that this school is making a difference
by bringing children and their families closer to God while receiving
an education. While Hearts and Hands Against Hunger isn’t for
education it is to help children and their families around the world
who have been in a natural disaster receive the food they desperately
need. What we do to help there is we make an assembly line where we
bag food, seal it, and ship it. And I know from experience that this
place sent food to Africa to feed their children and then to Haiti to
feed theirs. I chose to volunteer there because not only am I helping
to feed children around the world I get to see the result of my work
because the managers at Hearts and Hands Against Hunger showed us
pictures, videos, and stories that showed our impact on these
people’s lives. But with doing all this volunteering it came with
some challenges, for example, time is a big issue. It is so hard to
find and make time to go volunteer and when you do it always seems to
be early in the morning, but I think this is a sacrifice worth giving
so I keep doing it. And I loved the fact that the more I volunteer,
the more I learn that God works through every single one of us every
day to help those in need. And when I think of the future I see
myself striving to encourage others to come and help those in need
and I hope I can do that every day. I believe that so much that I am
doing everything I can to become a FBI agent and to hopefully save
and change the lives of so many. And even if I just save one life in
my entire life it would be worth it.

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