Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Lasting Impact

Name: Brian Davis Housman
From: Plano, Texas
Grade: 10
School: Plano West Senior High School
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how much I’ve been given leads me to want to give back to others.

As an active member
of the Boy Scouts of America for ten years, I volunteered over 50
hours at various service projects including the Hope Lodge cancer
hospital where I prepared lunches for the patients. I helped restore
several natural treasures in my hometown community such as a hiking
trail at Red Mountain Park and the pavilion at Homewood Community
Garden. I actively volunteered at the Grace Food Pantry where I
initiated and organized a canned food drive. At the Lakeshore
Rehabilitation Hospital, I volunteered over 100 hours improving the
lives of the patients and completed my Eagle Project there. After 35
hours of assessing the patients’ needs, planning and organizing, I
built several benches and bluebird houses throughout the wooded
campus. Even though I am a Bronze Palm Eagle Scout, I still volunteer
with our new troop’s new scout patrol where I teach the younger
scouts the basics of scouting. Through all these hours of service, I
have learned how volunteering can change people’s lives.

For the past two
years, my family and I have been members of Christ Church Plano whose
Student Ministry regularly travels to Bonton Farms. The farm, located
in a South Dallas food desert, provides fresh produce to local
residents. Our church actively supports the farm by sending its
members to cook hot meals or help harvest the produce from the
gardens. I have had the privilege of being able to go to this
community and improve the quality of life for my disadvantaged
neighbors. Because of the farm, Bonton residents now have access to
fresh, natural foods and can prepare nutritious meals instead of
subsisting on convenience store junk food.

At Plano West
Senior High, I have chosen to volunteer in the Holiday Dreams Toy
Drive every year because I enjoy it so much. Besides donating toys
and games for the drive, I sorted donations, wrapped gifts, and
loaded them in vehicles for delivery. This toy drive is so rewarding
because I am able to spread holiday cheer to children whose families
cannot afford Christmas gifts. I have been fortunate to have presents
under the Christmas tree every year and this toy drive reminds me not
to take my good fortune for granted.

While many people
dedicate all of their volunteer efforts to a particular area, I have
enjoyed serving in a variety of capacities. The work to be done is
different for each agency, but the goal for each is the same: to
improve people’s lives. This goal aligns with my career aspirations
as well. As an architect, I plan to improve people’s lives by
assessing their needs and improving their surroundings accordingly.
“Forward looking” means having a vision beyond the present. My
volunteer work so far and my future work as an architect embody this
as both will have long lasting impact in the lives of the people and
communities I seek to serve.

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