Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Let’s make life valuable

Name: Arashvir
From: Albany, Oregon
Grade: 8th
School: South Albany high school
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Arashvir Sidhu

9th Grade


Let’s make life valuable

I’m a high school freshman who was dedicated to nothing but me but
growing mature and some motivators changed my life they introduced me
to volunteering. My life was going on my usual routine like any other
freshman that just goes to school and comes back  but the day
when I saw a senior helping special kids every day before his classes
in midterm season, I was shocked that a Senior who is graduating and
needs to study for his midterm is wasting time volunteering.
Curiosity leads me to ask him that “why are you not studying and
wasting time”, his reply came in a calm tone that satisfaction
attracts him. Volunteering and serving the community made him proud
of himself. Eventually, I was thinking that this guy is out of his
mind but no I was wrong. 

The other day on our last midterm, I went to go volunteer to see if the
senior was right, I found out a couple of minutes later as the inner
feeling I had after the service was joyful and satisfactory. I was
proud that I volunteered without any greed. After that day my life
had changed volunteering became a daily routine for me and helping
kids or community was the thing that pleased me. Now, I want to start
my volunteering club soon and me always help the kids around me that
need help. Sometimes in the week I go to a community center to help.
Watching younger and older generations live together is fun. 

After a month I wanted to do something more exciting to help, in our
generation center we had paper plane contest and flying paper plane
contest. I helped and played for the contest. Playing with the little
kids was really fun and it mattered to them as well as me because now
the kids treat me an ordinary 15 year guy with some special respect.
It’s not the respect but the fun that the kids have when I play
with me. Helping my peers whenever they need help over homework or
any other thing. Taking part in community volunteer is an honor for
me that my community has offered me. I think I am the luckiest to
achieve to that honor. 

Time shapes us but I never thought a day in life could have flipped my
life, the one day of the midterms. My friend who inspired me has now
left for college but left some big shoes to fill. Now, I try my
hardest to fill the gap he made by helping. I try to guide little
kids into good things like doing homework on time. I have two little
siblings that I learn how to be honest from. I believe that youth is
losing honesty and volunteering is a good way to get the honesty back
and be person that can make a change. “A small piece of grain makes
a harvest”, so let’s be the small grain and make our nation proud
and let the change begin.

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