Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Lifting Others

Name: Karen Romero
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: College Freshman
School: Houston Baptist University
Votes: 35

Lifting Others

Four years ago, I made the decision to volunteer at Peña de Horeb
Christian Church, as a piano player. I chose to volunteer, as part of
the church’s worship group, because I realized the impact a message
in a song can have on a person’s life. Some people need emotional
healing, and they can start to heal by listening to music that
conveys messages of faith and encouragement.

Each week, I volunteer at least 8 hours. My responsibility as a volunteer
is to learn a list of songs each week and attend all practices and
meetings. Therefore, my biggest challenge has been time management. I
am a full time student that commutes, which can be very time
consuming. I must find a balance each week, so I can finish all my
homework and study sessions on time, while also fulfilling my
volunteer responsibilities.

As a volunteer, hearing the testimonies of those who have been impacted
by our music has given me the most satisfaction. I love how the hours
we put into practicing can lead to the strengthening of a person’s
heart and encourage them to continue on in life. Furthermore, as part
of a worship group, I have learned the importance of patience and
communication. I have learned to be patient with myself, when I fail.
I have learned to be patient with others, when they have different
views. I have also improved my communicational skills, which allows
me to express my ideas more efficiently.

My career goal is not directly aligned with my volunteer focus. My
career goal is to become a doctor. Even though music is not directly
associated with the medical field, I can make a connection. I hope to
help others heal physically, as a doctor. As of now, I am helping
others heal spiritually, through the music I play.

I see my activities as “forward looking” because music can
have a positive influence in a person’s life. I believe “forward
looking” means making a difference in the future by taking
action in the present. I seek to show others that there is always a
way of viewing situations from a better perspective. As the people I
have impacted continue to share their testimonies, my volunteer
activities will make a difference, many years from now. By inspiring
one person, I can impact many more. As a volunteer, my ultimate goal
is to encourage others to rise, despite the negativity surrounding

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