Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Make A Change

Name: Keaisha Barnard
From: Asheville , NC
Grade: 11th
School: Nesbitt Discovery Academy
Votes: 10


Keaisha Barnard



Essay: Volunteering

my life I have participated in many volunteering opportunities.
Although I think the most moving event was the anti-domestic abuse
walk I did. There were many women who were beat and withered, but
they were all coming together to fight against the same cause, being
stronger than ever before. My mother showed it to me and something in
my heart knew I needed to participate. When my mother was young,
before I was born, she was brutally beaten day in and day out by one
of her boyfriends. Although I was not in the picture at the time,
this is a serious issue still occurring today. Therefore, when I
realized my mother was abused the way these women were, I took it
personal to take care of these women in any way I could.

a young girl, I spent much more time volunteering than I do now. Now
I spend about 10 hours a week volunteering, yet when I was younger
and wasn’t as busy I spent much more time maintaining my
volunteering responsibilities. As a volunteer, depending on the job
you have many different responsibilities. For example, I volunteered
once at an event for the homeless. During this, I collected cans of
food, and made care packages for the homeless people in downtown
Asheville. At another event, it was a run for colon cancer. I had no
true responsibilities other than to run my heart out for a good
cause. Therefore, the responsibilities of a volunteer fluctuate
depending on the event.

My biggest challenge as a
volunteer would have to be seeing people less fortunate than me,
while I can only do so much to help them. What I mean by this, is
that I can’t cure people of their sicknesses or diseases, and I
can’t save every life out on the street. This is difficult for me,
because I have always had a huge heart and wanted to share everything
I had with everyone around me. Not being able to do more than I can
to help someone, breaks me down. Yes, I love seeing the looks on
people’s faces when they are blessed or appreciative of something
I’ve done for them, but not being able to fully cure someone or
fully solve all their problems makes me feel horrible. Yet, I push
through this and continue to do all I can.

most satisfaction that comes from helping others is the warm feeling
you get in your heart when you know you did something that possibly
changed someone’s life for the better. I wish that everyone had the
same positive outlook on volunteering as most of us, but we can’t
always get what we wish for. Although, I will continue to volunteer
and help others in any way possible.

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