Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – My ‘Most”

Name: Josh Pinchek
From: Loveland, OH
Grade: 10
School: Milford High School
Votes: 0

Statistics are usually grouped by the ‘mosts:’ the most credits,
the most points, the most hours. My ‘most,’ however, is
volunteering; my most important ideal is ‘giving back’ to the
community, people, or programs. My most meaningful
volunteering—working in an inner city soup kitchen—changed my
perspective on life. I learned that people struggle much more than
myself and need resources that I already have. Thus, I dedicate my
own resources for others who really need them. And that is precisely
what I do in my most influential volunteering to date: National Youth
Leadership Training (NYLT).

NYLT is an elite week-long course for Boy Scouts in which adolescents are trained in
many leadership areas such as communication, presentations, planning,
responsibility, and morality. I graduated from the program in 2014
and fell in love with leadership, so I interviewed to become a Staff
Member. Now, after three years on Staff, I will be second-in-charge
in 2018, directing 15 staff members and 60 participants to learn
material, apply skills, and develop as leaders. Each year, I dedicate
four training weekends, a week-long course, numerous meetings, and
hours of outside work to prepare for the most rewarding week of my
life. Although it is challenging to dedicate so much time and effort,
to lose hours of sleep during the program, and to solve complex
situations among others, NYLT is extremely rewarding. But this is not
about me or my credentials; no volunteering is. It is about the
beneficiary, in this case, young adults. To me, NYLT is the most
beneficial volunteering. The NYLT motto, We Change Lives, is a
mission statement of the fact. We attempt to improve participants’
leadership skills that will last a lifetime by helping them through
the program. Ten, twenty, or thirty years from now, these
participants will likely be Eagle Scouts, entrepreneurs, and
successful business leaders due to their inspiration and training
from NYLT, much like the program inspired me to mentor other Boy
Scouts and choose a college and career. I found I enjoy working with
people and leading projects, so I am pursuing Civil Engineering and
Construction Management. And that is exactly why NYLT is so
forward-looking. The entire ideology is preparing adolescents for the
future, so that their lives are forever changed. Participants and
Staff Members often ask me for leadership advice and how to improve
their contributions. One year, after graduation, a participant sent
me an email expressing his appreciation and passion for the program
and my leadership. He described his plans for future leadership
endeavors. That, to me, is what it is all about and the most
satisfying—seeing someone embody their training to be passionate
and successful.Thus, NYLT is the most impactful experience I have
ever had. It is an experience, not just volunteering, for both myself
and the beneficiaries; NYLT taught me more skills and more about
myself than any other ‘most’ I have encountered.

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