Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Reaching Out a Hand of Love

Name: Keonna Jatonya Thompson
From: Albany , Ga
Grade: High School Senior
School: Mercer University
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Out a Hand of Love

throughout my high school career I participated in National Honors
Society, club that molds bright young minds into the future leader of
today. I choose to participate in National Honors Society for
exposure and the opportunities that come along with participating in
the club. The numerous activities we would have would be on a weekly
basis or we schedule an activity for future purposes. My
responsibilities for this club were to aide in the organization of
these numerous events if I was nominated to be in a particular
committee that oversaw the happenings of an event. It was only
towards the end of my time in the club when I was able to get a
higher managerial position where I oversaw the committees in a mass
spectrum oppose to being merely a part of a committee. This taught me
leadership over a wider range of people and it taught me how to
properly assess a situation and how to mediate problems in a simple
and efficient manner. My biggest challenge as a volunteer was being
able to deal with seeing the hardships in life the some of the
individuals faced in the homeless shelters that we volunteered in.
Life will be rough for all of us at one point or another, but in
comparison to others, we are more fortunate. While volunteering I was
greatly humbled and because of this I have reached a point in my life
where I can be satisfied with the bare minimum. When we gave to the
homeless shelter, I realized how I ungrateful I proved to be in my
younger days and how I took everything for granted as adolescence.
When the mayor of our city requested us to pick up trash for the
community I became more cautious of what I contribute to the
environment and committed myself to a spirit of preservation oppose
to a mentality of degradation. These things that I have learned while
I volunteered in National Honors Society has assisted me in becoming
a leader, how to handle managerial situations, and the view that I
now have on life, and my community.  I plan on taking this new
outlook on life that I have received from volunteering and become
successful with the driving force that I may one day give back to my
community and eventually, better the lives of people on a global
spectrum. Even though the volunteering I did while in National Honors
Society could be merely deemed as assistance to the community, I do
believe that even the most minute impact in a community could
register prosperity on a global scale.

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