Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – S.L.A.M: The Floetry of Poetry

Name: Kynnedi Spratt
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Grade: Freshman
School: Spelman College
Votes: 0

to, it is shown that “96 percent of
families to be to some degree ‘dysfunctional’”. Dysfunctionality
within the household can lead to negative results within children
such as aggressive verbal and physical behavior. Also, as a victim of
a dysfunctional household, I understand how hard it is for children
to express themselves properly.

feel as though children are a part of the community that are
important to impact because they are the ones who are ultimately
going to create and build our future.Furthermore, there are children
who are too shy to speak up about their burdens. In today’s
society, I am aware that it can be difficult to tell an adult about
obstacles that a student is going through which is why it would be
beneficial for me, a person of the targeted age group, to interact
with the participants.

of this, I chose to volunteer through the service of children. I
created a program, SLAM (Saving Lives Any Minute), which teaches
students how to write poetry in order to express their emotions. Not
only does this program teach students about the basics of poetry such
as the different types (haikus, acrostics, cinquains etc.) but it
also provides knowledge regarding renown poets expands students’
vocabulary. Although sessions have not yet begun, I am planning to
meet twice a week for an hour with the participants. One of the most
challenging parts of this program will be encouraging the students to

far as the program being incorporated into my future, this will be
important to cooperate with my patients. I am currently attending
Spelman College to become a Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon. With
the program in mind, I will be able to cheer up patients through
poetry and allow them to express how they feel about future surgeries
that would have to take place. The change that I expect to see in the
world via my program would be an increase in strong kids with
stronger goals and a decrease in bullying and suicide rates. This
would ultimately change the future and the way kids act within the
classroom and at home. It would also teach the kids self love and
better their grammar and english skills. I expect this to take place
because the children who would once bully others would learn to step
aside and write out their emotions, while those who were bullied
would also be able to write out how they feel and keep their mind
occupied. Ultimately, a creative side of the children will be
revealed through the “Floetry of Poetry”.

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