Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Saving Helpless Creatures

Name: Kyla Lowe
From: Albuquerque , New Mexico
Grade: 12th grade
School: La Cueva High School
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Kyla Lowe

Saving Helpless Creatures

There is no better satisfaction than the one you get from knowing
that you helped someone, knowing that you made their day ,or knowing
that you changed their life for the better.

I have volunteered for all types of organizations, such as the Breast
Cancer Walk, feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas,
clothing and food drive for the homeless, pet adoption centers, etc.
However, the most memorable volunteer work I have done was at a local
animal hospital.

My dream is to be a veterinarian. I’ve known since I was a little
girl that this was something that I aspired to do. I have a lot of
love and passion for animals, so being able to volunteer in an animal
hospital wasn’t just an amazing learning experience, it was a dream
come true.

During my two months of volunteering at the hospital, I worked three
days a week, four hours each day. Since I was too young and not
certified, I wasn’t able to be hands on with the animals. However,
I kept very busy with other work. My job was to clean the kennels,
feed and walk the dogs, take the dogs to the bathroom, sweep up hair
off the floor, and clean up the tools after the surgeries were
performed. Every now and then, I was able to watch a surgery, teeth
cleaning, and/or x-ray scanning. Sometimes, I was even allowed into
the examining room with the doctors to hear the owners’ concerns
for their pets, and I watched as the doctors diagnosed the pets based
on what they saw and were told.

Although there were a lot of perks to my volunteering job, there were
also times when I found it challenging to continue. Since it was an
animal hospital things were never subtle. Things were usually
graphic and hard to see. For example, it was difficult to have the
patients pass away, despite all of the hard work that was put in to
keep them alive. It was even worse to tell the owners that their pet
was no longer with us and to see the devastation on their faces.

Despite the few rough bumps in the job, there were still many great
factors that came along with it. My favorite part about the job
wasn’t just being able to interact with animals, but it was the
connection that you made with the owners and animal lovers. These
people don’t see their cats, dogs, etc., as pets, they see them as
family members. Knowing that you are helping them get their family
better is a great feeling. Along with that came the satisfaction of
curing the animals. Unlike people, dogs, cats, birds, etc., aren’t
able to take care of themselves. They are helpless creatures.
That’s why the job of a veterinarian is so very important. They
are there to help get these animals better and to change their lives
for the better. I hope one day I will be able to call myself a vet.

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