Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Saving the planet one box at a time.

Name: Robert Schmitz
From: Kingman, Arizona
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my name is Robert Schmitz and I am a junior at Lee Williams High
School, home of the volunteers. I am currently a member of the
recycling committee at my school and I hope to lead it next year. The
reason that I have chosen to do recycling as my volunteer activity is
because I am a huge environmentalist and I love nature and the
environment very much and I want to keep it beautiful for the future.
In the recycling committee I spend about an hour and a half each week
going around my school and emptying all of the recycling bins around
my school and recycling the items in the bins. However, outside of
school I collect recyclables whenever I can around my neighborhood
and bring them to the local recycling center every week. My biggest
challenge so far is that it’s hard to convince people to start going
to the recycling center more. However, I still do see many people at
the recycling center already and it brings me great joy to know that
whatever I’m recycling will be reused and wont go into the garbage.
What i have learned from this is that every little bit counts, even
if its one can or one pizza box it still makes a huge difference. I
see my activities as forward thinking because I am trying to make a
better future by reducing pollution as much as I can. I hope to get
many more people involved in recycling and possibly get a large part
of the community to start doing it regularly. In the future I think
that my volunteer activities will result in less pollution in the
future even if it is just a tiny bit and hopefully maybe more people
will start doing it after seeing others like me do it. Most of all I
hope that the beautiful nature around us stays beautiful like it is

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