Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Science is for Everyone

Name: Katrina Ziells
From: Cloquet, Minnesota
Grade: 12
School: Cloquet Senior High
Votes: 1

Science is for Everyone

Each year, I volunteer through my school to help middle-schoolers
participate in what is typically their first science fair. I, myself,
am a science fair student. I have been a part of science fair for
almost 6 years and I remember the feeling of my first science fair. I
was confused and lost and scared. It’s one day, once a year, which
takes the whole day. I am usually in charge of a large group of kids
that all need to be different places at different times. It involves
lots of stress and time-keeping to be able to make sure the kids are
where they need to be but it’s worth it knowing that each of these
students has the chance to show people their projects that they work
hard on for roughly two months. The hardest part of volunteering at
the science fair is monitoring all the kids and handing out lunch to
all the other kids from other schools that are there as well but it’s
all worth it to be able to see their happiness.

Volunteering with these kids has taught me patience, time and stress management,
and the importance of science. I hope my work with these kids will
encourage them to become future scientists and that when I come back
years down the road, they will remember their time and science fair
and be great scientists that are encouraging other kids to pursue
their dreams. Teaching and helping these middle school kids with
science is helping the future gain more scientists. Looking to the
future, these kids will forever hold the love of science in their
hearts and will teach other people this love. Hopefully, the rest of
the world will follow suit in teaching kids science because science
is for everyone regardless of age, race, religion, and education.

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