Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – serving for others

Name: rukhsar khan
From: richmond, TX
Grade: 10th (12th in current 2017-1018)
School: harmony science academy houston high
Votes: 0

Serving for others

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of
others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi. Volunteering is the most important
aspect of a person’s life. It connects people to the ones in need
and helps them to give back to their community. It is a way to
appreciate what the world has given to us.

Volunteering for me was only to get enough hours to fulfill my high school
graduation requirement. I always thought that volunteers do
monotonous work, like signing the papers, sitting at a desk for long
hours and more tedious work like these. It wasn’t until I started
to volunteer that I realized that how much satisfying it is to
volunteer. Since that day I have volunteered in many different areas.
I volunteered at the food bank, helped with the blood drive, mentored
the sixth-grade robotics team, and helped my teachers.

The first ever volunteer shift I did was at the Houston Food Bank, it was
four hours per day and I volunteered about four times. The first day
I went there, I thought that I would not want to come back again. But
It was the opposite, it was the best experience I ever had. It made
me come back again, but that time I came to serve my community rather
than having to fulfill my community hours. At the food bank, as a
team, we were given the task to prepare boxes of canned food or
drinks. Then those boxes were sent to homeless people and as well as
the people who needed food. It was our responsibility to prepare as
many boxes we can, so they could be delivered to the ones in need.
Volunteering taught me to be responsible as to provide the best of
all. Volunteering also taught me the importance of teamwork as we
must work together to accomplish our goals. I realized what I
couldn’t do alone was done by the team and working with them made
work easier and more exciting. The most satisfying part of this
volunteer shift at Houston food bank was when at the end we were told
how many boxes we were able to prepare. That was so satisfying
because we were told that we made thousands of boxes that were going
to save more than thousands of people. That was the best day of my
life because I realized how much I was missing all these years. That
helping others is my goal of life, to give back to the community and
appreciate what I have in life.

Volunteering at food bank made me realize that there are so many people in this
world that don’t have what I have. It made me appreciate whatever I
have in life and just live my life with it without complaining
because so many people don’t even have that opportunity and a happy
life that we have. Now I am more passionate about giving back to my
community then thinking about myself.

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