Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Serving Those Who’ve Served

Name: Sadie Metcalf
From: Remus, Michigan
Grade: Sophomore
School: Chippewa Hills High School
Votes: 0

Those Who’ve Served

As a sophomore in high school,
president of both my class and our Student Council, it was essential
that I gave back to my community, but I knew I didn’t want to give
back just because I had to, I wanted to give back to
something/someone that meant a lot to me and lead me to where I was
going. Growing up in a family where family members all around me
served for our country I knew just what I wanted to do. Serve those
who have served. At a local VFW hall volunteers would serve community
members breakfast on the second Sunday of every month, and those who
have served for our country got in to breakfast for free, those who
have not had to pay three dollars for unlimited breakfast. I
volunteered serving local community members and heroes for over 2
years and volunteering from 7-11am every second Sunday of every month
giving back to veterans and community members. As a volunteer worker
I worked particularly like a waitress at a restaurant. Taking
customers orders, serving them their breakfast along with their
choice of drink. As a volunteer I didn’t feel there were many
challenges, I loved giving back to the community and paying it
forward to those who have served through such a simple act of
kindness. While volunteering, it gives me the pleasure of helping
those who have risked their lives for our country, even those who
have not and being able to give thanks for just being part of our
community and allowing me to serve them for a couple of hours. As a
volunteer I have learned that there is something to be thankful for
every day, whether it is the roof you are given or the food you eat,
everyday there is something to be thankful for. My activities while
being a volunteer have directed me toward my career goal as a
physical therapist and be able to help those in need. When I am
thinking of “forward looking” I can only see what is in the
future, and what will lead me there, such as giving back to my
community in such a simple way as serving them breakfast. Because of
my volunteer activities I want the world to see that it is easy to
give back to your community and it does help your mind in directing
you towards your goals. Being that I am a community member myself and
that I gave up my time to serve other community members I believe
that if I were to come back in ten, even twenty years my time that I
gave would still have affected the community the way it did,
acknowledging the fact that I gave back to the community with my

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