Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Shaping the World for the Better

Name: Hannah Carrasco
From: El Paso, Texas
Grade: 8th grade
School: Mission Early College High School
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Shaping the World for the Better

Ponder what it would be like to be starving, whether it is physically for food, or mentally for
education, and having no one to help you. There have been so many
situations in my life where I have realized that not everyone is as
lucky as I am. Because I have such a blessed life, I feel the
obligation to help others that do not have the things and
opportunities like I do. 
The first area I chose to
volunteer was with the homeless. I volunteered with my church
organization called Kings Kids starting when I was 10. I volunteered
9 hours per month doing things like going to homeless shelters and
having a conversation with them while eating. Outside of the
organization, I was inspired to help even more. I made care baskets
and gave them out to the homeless people me and my mom would always
see while driving by. My responsibilities as a volunteer in Kings
Kids were to interact with everyone and spread as much kindness and
positivity to them as possible whether it was through food or

Starting this year, I also became a part of Key Club at my school. I chose to volunteer in youth
education programs, because I have a passion for helping kids, and
other things like Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I volunteer about 2
hours per week with this organization. My responsibilities to this
club is to tutor elementary students, help ship out clothes to
victims of hurricanes, help set up and cleanup events, and other
things along those lines. My biggest challenge volunteering for these
things is having enough energy when I wake up. Although it is hard to
find energy in the early morning, I gain energy throughout the day.
The thing that has given me the most satisfaction as a volunteer is
seeing the kids laugh and smile while I help them learn, and being
able to see them improve in their education. A time where I felt
extremely rewarded was at the end of a tutoring session. All of the
kids came up to me and started hugging me, saying that they did not
want to leave. Seeing their smiles on their faces put a smile on
mine. In this position, I learned that by simply spending a few hours
a week, you can truly change someone’s future for the better.

The career I want to pursue is a dance teacher, so volunteering with these organizations has taught
me how to bond and connect with kids, and it has helped me open my
passion even more to teaching kids. These activities are forward
looking to me because it helps both the children and me positively.
To me, forward looking means to sculpt your future how you want it to
be, and that is what I am doing. The change in the world I would want
to see is for everyone to be more generous, and for mental and
physical hunger to be gone. If I were to come back in any number of
years, I do think my volunteer activities would have still made a
difference, because even little things inspire people, especially
children, to do greater things, such as how one teacher could shape
the careers of many young adults.

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