Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Simple Actions Can Make A Difference

Name: Megan Everett
From: Kokomo, IN
Grade: 10
School: Eastern High School
Votes: 0

            I made the decision to volunteer at a local
hospital because of the opportunities it offered me to make a
difference in people’s lives. For around six months, I volunteered
at the hospital for two to four hours a week. My responsibilities as
a volunteer included operating the hospital admissions desk, where
people came to check in for various tests and scans. I also ran the
volunteer desk, answering the phone and answering questions anyone
may have had. Additionally, I completed errands around the hospital,
delivering lab materials for testing or papers to nurses. My biggest
challenge as a volunteer was stepping away from what I was
comfortable doing in order to help others and serve their needs. The
best part about volunteering was seeing the smiles on patient’s
faces after I helped them or being able to reduce the stress of a
visitor coming to the hospital. As a volunteer, I have learned that
it does not take drastic measures to have an impact on those around
you. Simple greetings and small conversations are sometimes all it
takes to make someone’s day.

I see my activities as forward looking because of the opportunities I
have to improve people’s daily lives. To me, forward looking means
that someone is constantly looking to improve life as it is now. It
means that someone is not living in the past, but is instead excited
for the future and the possibilities it holds.
I hope to find
a volunteer organization in college that will be as meaningful to me
as volunteering at the hospital has been so that I can continue to
impact others’ lives by serving. The impact I want to have on
others and the change I seek to foster in the world by my volunteer
activities is the idea that simple actions can have a lasting impact
on others. I hope to show people that by being joyful, loving, and
caring, it is possible to brighten someone’s day and show them that
they matter. If I were to come back in a few decades, I do not think
that my volunteer activities would have “made a difference” in
the most common definition of the phrase. What I have done so far and
what I am doing is not so significant as to be labeled as a great act
of community service or worthy of earning an award. However, that
does not mean that what I have done as a volunteer has not made a
difference. I know that I have made people smile and laugh who
otherwise might not have and I know that I have been a great help to
people at the hospital. If I were to come back and look at my
volunteer work, I think I would be proud of the steps I am taking to
help others and excited for what I will do to make a difference in
the coming years.

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