Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Small Acts and Huge Impacts

Name: Cameron Schmitt
From: Charlotte, NC
Grade: Sophomore 2015-2016 Senior 2017-2018
School: Ardrey Kell High School
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Acts and Huge Impacts

importance of community service has always been apparent to me, but
as I progressed through high school, the significance of community
service became increasingly more evident. Upon entering high school,
it is suggested that incoming freshman join one of the several
volunteer based organizations. Excited at the existence of clubs that
operate under the sole goal of finding opportunities to serve the
community, I joined as many as I could.

is difficult to identify just one area that I have been drawn to in
my years of community service. I have enjoyed working with adults,
children, and even the environment. However, I suppose that
volunteering with animals is the field of volunteerism that I feel
most passionate about. It is so rewarding to hear that an animal, one
which may have suffered from abuse or lived homelessly, has been
adopted and to know that you played some role in that happening. I
have volunteered my weekends to shelters such as the Feline Urgent
Rescue and Rehab and organizations like Tails of the Trails. In
addition, I was lucky enough to foster three kittens that I found
living in my neighbor’s backyard. After caring for them for some
time, my mother and I were able to find a home for two of the kittens
and ended up unexpectedly adopting the other. Volunteering with
F.U.R.R., I was responsible in working with displaced cats to better
their social skills and improve their chances of being adopted. I
held a similar role serving with Tails of the Trails. Several dogs
would be brought from a shelter and the other volunteers and I would
walk and play with them, ensuring they would have plenty of exercise.
Many of these dogs are timid or scared, so the time that they spend
at Tails of the Trails is extremely valuable and contributes to them
getting adopted. The most challenging part of volunteering has been
allocating my time. At times, it was difficult to divide myself
between my academics, athletics, part time job, and community
service, but over time, I have found a healthy balance.

service has been invaluable to me, giving me the opportunity to help
others in my community. Whether it has been through donating items to
the students of less fortunate schools or participating in events
that benefit families, volunteerism has taught me humility and
gratitude. In the future, I will continue to serve my community. I
plan on studying biomedical engineering with the goal of improving
the technology that contributes to the wellbeing of individuals. For
example, one area that interests me is prosthetics. For many,
including wounded veterans, bioengineering can restore their quality
of life.

hope that my efforts will bring about meaningful changes. If even one
person can be helped my actions, I would be satisfied. I believe that
my actions will make a difference. I believe that any contribution to
community service, no matter how small, is important and has an
impact on others.

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