Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Spiritual guidance in the community

Name: Aaron A Valdez
From: Cypress, Texas
Grade: Freshman
School: iSchool High
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Forward Scholarship

December 2017

guidance in the community

family and I participate in a Congregation called “The Christian
Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Being a Jehovah’s
Witness has always been a good factor in my life by steering me to
the right moral standard. These moral standards helped me throughout
the years so much that members of our organization spread the good
news (or preached) from all corners globally. Local members taught
any soul who can bear the witness of god’s words, hence inheriting
God’s kingdom (Isaiah 43:12 “I am the One who declared and saved
and made known When there was no foreign god among you. So you are my
witnesses,” declares Jehovah, “and I am God”). The organization
brings in the best of humanity notably providing propose in one’s
life, calming one’s nerve, restoring faith of humankind, and
beating penetrable addictions (Proverbs 3:13- “Happy is the man who
finds wisdom And the man who acquires discernment.”)

typical amount spent during preaching hours is ten to twenty hours
per month, yet there’s no limit set. Each summer, several
congregation or circuits’ overseers hold a religious assembly which
means members voluntarily preach 30 hours additionally. Exhibiting
participation draws approval from brothers and sister who put forth
effort teaching communities.

duties vary from the assignment: whether it’s cleaning the exterior
or interior meetings, counting the donations, monitoring the sound
systems, passing the microphones, four-minute bible lecture, leading
the preaching, preaching via writing, and much more.

obstacle that I keep facing is time itself for every responsibility I
own. Currently, I am juggling dual credit that takes tremendous
numbers of hours studying. Mainly, turning down extra offers merely
because my classes take up the schedule. Consequently, my efforts of
studying made it harder for getting up early on Saturday for
preaching but I make up the lost time by writing presentation
letters. Plus; June, July, and August substantially make up the
weekends I missed during school semesters.

high anticipation that I gave people a new perspective about the
bible, just as Jesus the son of God declared in Acts 20:35, ‘There
is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.’ The
organization also provided a dependable friendship I can endure for
all my life as many brothers and sisters have shared for the past
decade or more! (Colossians 3:14- “
besides all these things, clothe yourselves with love, for it is
a perfect bond of union.
After I’m stable financially, my dreams of traveling internationally
with hundreds more preaching the good news. Besides distributing the
good news, everyone will have an acknowledgment through Jehovah God
(Revelation 14:6- “everlasting good news to declare to those who
dwell on the earth, to every nation and tribe and tongue and
people”). Either way, how our preaching works effects
internationally or locally, the Jehovah’s Witnesses expands their
progress across houses after each decade has proceeds.

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