Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Standing Tall

Name: Yahm Steinberg
Grade: Sophomore
School: Las Vegas Academy of the Arts
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remember sitting on a plastic swing in lower elementary school. Not
swinging, but doing the math homework of my best friend of the time.
I remember wasting games of tag and four square out of fear of losing
a best friend. I remember my love for theatre being born in upper
elementary. I remember my best friend of that time getting angry at
me for getting a part. I remember wanting to impress her and getting
reprimanded by our teacher after she stole classmates’ locker
magnets and pinned it on me. I remember getting exiled by our class
after I stood up to her and told her the way she had been
manipulating me was wrong. I remember seeing scratches and cuts on
one of my closer friend’s arms and burns on another friend’s arms
and not knowing what to do. Since then I have learned what to say
that it is also okay to not know what to say. Where I am today is the
place I never believed I would ever reach.

dad owns a martial arts school in which he teaches everyday people
how to defend themselves in real life situations This system gave me
the power to stand tall and know that I am capable of keeping myself
in safety. At age 14, I became an instructor in this system.

my junior year, in my AP English class. We were given the task to do
something major in our life, whether it be something of importance to
us, a personal goal, or a hobby we wished to learn more about. I
decided my project would revolve around helping others.

decided to create a workshop for victims of domestic abuse. I reached
out to various shelters around town. I taught 2 classes – a practice
one for my friends, and one for women and girls with abuse
background. The class empowered all those who participated, and
helped them walk with their head held a little taller.

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