Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Suburbia

Name: Lorisa Vivian
From: anaheim, california
Grade: freshmen
School: canyon high
Votes: 0

elementary school, I was consistently regarded as the top student in
my classes. I was encouraged by my teachers and supported by my
family. I enthusiastically joined the Math Pentathlon team, and found
myself in an uplifting friend group that helped me feel at home. This
sense of security all changed once I moved to a middle school in a
predominantly white neighborhood.

of Mexican descent, I immediately felt a disconnection between the
faculty and myself. I was automatically enrolled in basic classes,
which failed to intellectually stimulate me. I decided it would be in
my best interest to speak to a counselor about the matter. After
discussing my diligence and success in previous academic challenges,
my counselor informed me that it was too late to switch classes. My
parents endorsed me heavily, but they too were met with the same
response. It was at this point that I realized I would need to secure
myself a spot alongside the top of my class just like I had done in
elementary school.

setback tested my patience and challenged me to strive for more. It
allowed me the opportunity to speak up for myself and recognize my
ability to voice opinions. With the school year well on its way, I
accepted the challenge to prove myself worthy of a better education.

back upon my accomplishments, I am proud to say that I did
exceptionally well in the years that followed. I let my grades speak
for my academic ability, all while participating in extracurriculars
like Red Cross and tennis. After demonstrating my capabilities, I was
able to enroll in far more rigorous courses that reflected my
tenacious work ethic. My curriculum since, has consisted of multiple
AP/ Honors courses and I have managed to maintain a GPA above 4.0.

am glad I persevered through these trials and tribulations because it
has brought me to where I am today. I am confident that my fourth
grade self would be proud of all that I have accomplished.

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