Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Ten lives

Name: anzar anwar
From: king of prussia, Pennsylvania
Grade: 2017-2018
School: upper merion high school
Votes: 0


Mrs. Oren Kim

English 12 period 9


Ten Lives 
A cat has nine lives, but what do you call a person with ten? A
person who has never been so close to death thinks that
they are blessed but I have been closer to death
more than once. One moment I was enjoying life and 
of a sudden
 death may have knocked on the door, and by the time I blink
everything could have been over. You think you know what is
going to happen in your life, but
really you don’t know what might happen in
the next second, which I was about to realize.

It was a nice and sunny day. One hand was outside the window while I was
driving home from soccer practice waiting for the light to turn green. Finally, the light turns green,
and as I turned, I heard a tire pop and saw the car coming right at me. My heart started to pump so fast
like it was about to jump out of my chest. My brain stopped working and the only thing that came to my mind was
to save my friend who I was taking home. The moment the car reached us I turned the car to my side in order to save my friend and
in that moment I wasn’t thinking about myself, but instead, all I could think about was the safety of my friend. When
the car hit my side all I heard was the loud noise of airbags popping, which came to my face all at once, like a punch. The car skidded from one lane to another and stopped on at a curb. After the car stopped, I pushed my friend out and then got myself out but I was still in
shock. I looked at him and myself, and I was so grateful that neither of us was hurt. For that, I thank God for letting me live another day. 

This wasn’t the first time I was face to face with death, but it was the closest one. I have been hit by a
motorbike, almost fell from a house roof, was involved in a couple more accidents, but every time somehow I lived. After
the accident, I thought what if something bad happens to me and how would my parents feel,or what if something happens to my friend? As a result, I began to appreciate life even
 I was thankful that I got to see another day, get to see my family and
friends. It opened my eyes to the world that I should’ve been more appreciative of life since
it can be taken away anytime. 

So now I live every day like it’s my last,
especially during my senior year, where I plan to
make more memories that I can look back and enjoy
for my lifetime. For example, by doing the powder puff
game I got to spend time with my friends even
though I will also be making fun of myself. I aim
to enjoy every day by being happy and not complaining
about every little thing, but just try to be grateful
for what I have. I made an effort to forgive people
for the smallest things and try to laugh with them and
spend more time with my family and friends. I live without any
stress or worries, and recently I just joined a stem club so I can
interact with new people and learn new things. Beside
this, I try to smile during hard times but above
all, I want to make every moment count cause ten might be
the limit and the next green light might be my last. 

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