Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – The Breakfast Club

Name: Constantina Nikola Geotas
From: Scottsdale, AZ
Votes: 7

middle school, I was introduced to Chances4Children. Within this
organization, many generous people work together to raise money and
awareness with hopes of finding homes for Haitian orphans. The
foundation and all its volunteers are forward looking in the aspect
of believing that every orphan deserves and will receive a true home
once more people become involved and hopeful. Chances4Children
passion inspired my sister, Tasia, and me to co-found The Breakfast
Club at Chaparral.

Breakfast Club aims to provide hope, happiness, and health to
children in our local and global communities. We organize drives,
hold letter-writing sessions to orphans in Haiti, and assist with
Chances4Children events. Volunteering at Chances4Children
annual Night of Hope, a fundraising event in which I work the child
sponsorship table, and collaborating with the organization through
The Breakfast Club has created a sincere meaning to my life. I spend
fifty hours each year contributing to Chances4Children, warming my
heart with every child I help to get sponsored, adopted, or even fed.
The only difficult part of volunteering is attempting to convince my
father to allow me to attend a mission trip to Haiti this summer and
I have never possessed such a feeling of solicitous excitement to
travel anywhere.

Chances4Children, I have learned the importance of kindness,
magnanimity, and compassion. I choose to be kind because it is
important to show sincerity towards others and to spread joy to make
yourself, as well as those you care about, happy. I choose to be
compassionate because even on my lowest day, I know there are people
who have had a worse day, not because of a hard test or friend drama,
but because they could not feed their family or lost their children
to malnutrition. In any community or circumstance, you never truly
know what hardships people have faced, so it is important to be
considerate of this uncertainty. I choose to be magnanimous because
many people, such as those in Haiti, live less fortunate lives and
survive based on the help they are given. Whether it is necessary for
people to give their time, hope, prayer, or money, any form of
generosity helps those who are struggling.

seek to change the lives of the Haitian orphans by either getting
them adopted or making their lives better in Haiti. As someone who is
planning on adopting a Haitian orphan, I can easily say that in
twenty years my efforts will have made a difference, not only to the
children who are currently receiving diapers and toiletries from The
Breakfast Club
s drives, but also to my
future Haitian child. Chances4Children has taught me the meaning
behind the words I admire most;
I know
ve got mountains to climb, but always
stay humble and kind,
Humble and Kind,
Tim McGraw. No matter what I go through, I will remain humble and
kind and help those who are not as fortunate as I am, never allowing
them to be without strength or happiness.

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