Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – The Impact from Volunteering Can Last a Lifetime

Name: Sydney Eaglin
From: Houston , Texas
Grade: 10th
School: Lamar High School
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The Impact from Volunteering Can Last a Lifetime

Every year during the holidays The Ensemble theatre would host an event
called Santa at the Ensemble for kids during Christmas time. It’s a
day of entertainment and activates with toy and books. This program
has benefited over three thousand kid all starting 10 years ago. Each
kid will be given the opportunity to take pictures with Santa Claus
and Mrs. Claus, and activates which are an ornament making workshop,
face painting, a lesson on healthy eating choices, and a behind the
scenes look on an actor’s rehearsal, and at the end we get a
performance by The Ensemble Theatre’s Young Performers.

I have been participating with this organization for 3 years every
December. My responsibilities as a volunteer is to take the kids to
stand in line for their pictures with Santa, give out the gift, also
I participate in the different activates with the kids, help with
ornament decorations, and anything else I can help with I do. The
kids think this is a revelation for them but it’s just as much of
one on me as it is to them. It gives me an outlook on poverty and how
some people aren’t even privileged to enjoy Christmas, and makes me
think of how fortunate I am. I love having a memorable impact on all
the kids.

Just over the few hours the kids have such big smiles on their faces and
knowing that I was a part of this happiness makes me feel good
inside. The goal is to touch the lives of the kids that are dealing
hard times and require just a little help and caring during the
holiday season. The biggest challenge I have during this experience
is when it’s time for the kids to leave. They become so sad, and I
often create a bond with many of the kids I meet at The Ensemble. But
the good in all of this is you go home knowing you have made at least
one kid smile today and forget any struggle they are going through
and all they have to worry about is being a kid and having a good
time, and that’s what gives me the most satisfaction.

In conclusion, what I’ve learned from volunteering is that you need to
have patients and be caring. Sometimes you are working with people
that come from a hurt place and knowing you are the one that can help
with that is an honor. Knowing my volunteering has made a difference
in someone’s life makes me keep doing it. This program has made me
want to pursue a career in nursing. When I think of a nurse I think
about how care for their patients and make sure that they are always
okay, so you can have no worries. So, working at the Ensemble has
taught me that; that all these kids or even an adult just need
someone to listen to their problems and help them out with whatever,
because that little impact can last for years on a person.

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