Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – The Impact Volunteering Left On Me

Name: Avani Patel
From: Oklahoma City , Oklahoma
Grade: 10
School: Putnam City High School
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Forward Scholarship

I started volunteering in 10th grade, because I was accepted into a
club called National Honors Society (NHS). As volunteering was a
requirement to be a continuing member, it made volunteering seem like
a chore instead of something that truly benefits you and your
community. This made me realize how ignorant me and my peers were
about volunteering. Because of this and my interest, I ran for the
Vice President position junior year, because I wanted people to
understand that volunteering is not a chore. After putting my
timidness aside, I ran and won! When I found out, I was glad to help
run and bring awareness to this organization.

During the school year, I volunteer at Blue Jay’s Nest, an after school
program that allows parents to pick up their children two hours after
school is over. Here I help the teachers care for the students,
assist them with homework, and play games together. I come here every
two weeks to volunteer and have gained 35 hours from this
opportunity. One day, I was helping a student make a tower and in the
process of building, her peers became interested in what we were
doing. Some of her friends were skeptical of my block stacking
talents, but they stayed in hopes of witnessing me fail. Soon enough
we had built the tallest tower ever. Therefore, every time I come, we
build towers, and they call me the master because they can never get
my name right. From this experience, I discovered that I love working
with children. I already knew the medical field was my ambition, but
after being immersed in this new environment, helping children also
became an ambition.

The summer of 2017, I continued my interest by volunteering at the
Integris Baptist Hospital because I was dedicated in becoming more
knowledgeable about the medical field. Over the summers, I volunteer
twice a week. Currently, I have gained an additional
I volunteer at Nursing Education, Burn Unit, and the Nazhi Zudhi
Transplant Institute. My duties include filing papers, comforting
patients, running errands, and helping the nurses. My activities here
are forward looking because I’m able to learn and progress towards
my future career path through the guidance of the hospital staff.
However volunteering here has been difficult. As I also have to see
critical patients in ICU, crying children, and depressed families, it
makes it hard for me to stay positive for them. If I were to come
back years later, I hope my efforts gave them some happiness. Even if
I uplift them for a minute or two, they were able to forget their
troubles for that time.

Witnessing this made me realize how insignificant my problems were. Even though,
people are telling me “to be grateful for what you have,” I
wasn’t because I didn’t process it. I wouldn’t have realized to
be grateful without the opportunities NHS and volunteering gave me
because they have made me the person I am today.

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