Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Theater community

Name: Angela Ali
From: san marcos, CA
Grade: Freshman
School: Mission hills high school
Votes: 0

During my four years in highschool i was apart of the drama program. Oliver
was the third play I have ever been a part of. I worked on the
construction of the set but my job during the play was the spotlight.
This was my first year working spotlight and it was a fun
experience.I Got to learn light cues and work with the stage managers
on who they wanted to be light and when. We worked on this musical
for three months. During these three months, we worked closely with
the director to make the perfect set for Oliver. We also worked with
the artist to figure out what paints worked for which scenes. While
working on this musical I got to make new friendships and continue to
grow old ones.

This was the biggest cast and crew I have ever been a part of. This gave
me the opportunity to work with a lot of new people and get a feel
for different parts of a play. I got to learn more about the
technical parts of a musical like, set, lighting, spotlight, Makeup,
costumes, and props and have fun with friends. This was the first
time the actors were so involved with tech and scene changes. So it
was a little hectic but a fun experience. I learned how to operate
the spotlight from Juliet. She and Jesse were very tolerant and
understanding of me when I made a mistake and all the questions I
asked during rehearsal so that made the experience not as scary and

I love being techy. This was my second musical that I have been a part
of. So I got to take on more important jobs and learn new things from
the experienced techies who accepted me as a freshman. Working on
Oliver was a great learning and bonding experience for me. Being
techy is awesome I get to meet new people, form new friendships and
grow old ones. This Musical was very complicated with the different
moving parts and scene changes but also really fun. The sausages
mistake on Friday was so funny.

When I first started high school I was dying to be apart of something.
Then when I didn’t get into The musical I was sad and then my friend
at the time told me about tec . Though the three drama productions
I’ve helped out with I got to learn a lot from being techy. This show
had its ups and downs but we pulled off a great show that will be
added to the I hope long list of stories and experiences I have in
tech. I got to form a family in tech and I am forever thankful to
everyone who accepted me in the beginning. I loved this show mistakes
and all. The actors really pulled through the closing night and that
was very impressive.

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