Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Volunteering and Me

Name: Tori Bradburn
From: ortonville, Michigan
Grade: 10
School: Brandon High School
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What Volunteering Means To Me

By: Tori Bradburn

I started volunteering at the beginning of my high school career. I
began by volunteering for things like toys for tots or FLL robotics
camps through my robotics team 1506. I loved volunteering and began
seeking out opportunities within my community like writing camps at
my library for elementary students which made me realize how much I
loved volunteering with kids. I also around this time found e-NABLE
which is a organization that provides CADD files for prosthetics that
are for underprivileged kids. I love assembling and building these
hands and showing other people how to assemble them. Then I joined
the National Honors Society which gave me even more opportunities to
volunteer in my community. This lead me to tutoring middle schools
kids in math twice a week each week. I love teaching those kids and
forming that bond with them where they trust me and can ask me for
help. Its nice to know how me helping them with their foundations of
algebra is setting them up to have a better educational career which
can lead them to have better jobs than they could have if they never
asked for help and continued to struggle in school. I also my junior
year volunteered for Hurley hospital in the Emergency Room. It lead
me to wanting to pursue a career in the medical field since I got to
work with nurses every sunday and help them help people. I would
restock rooms, assist the nurses with procedures and help clean
rooms. I have also helped in my school like with the fall play and
youth programs at the library. The youth programs at the library are
probably my favorite since the kids have such high energy, really
want to be there and are so excited to hang out with the volunteers.
It is so fun to help make those kids day and help the libraries who
devote themselves to these programs.This year I started helping out
with my brothers FTC robotics teams which is amazing to connect with
those kids there and show them what I know about robotics. I
volunteered about 70 hours last year and am on track to top that
since it’s only November and I’ve already done 35 hours, I
volunteer a bare minimum of 2 hours a week if i don’t have any youth
programs going on The change I want to see in my volunteering is
kids giving back to the community, I want the kids who I help to grow
up and volunteer for youth programs too. There is too many people in
my generation who don’t give back to my small community and I
really wish more did, if they saw how fun and rewarding it is I
really think they would. I want to see more giving in the world. I am
so grateful for the opportunities volunteering has given me.

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