Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Volunteering Opens Doors

Name: Lacey Shiigi
From: Hilo, Hawaii
Grade: 10th (12th as of 2017-2018)
School: Hilo High School
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Opens Doors

has always been a big part of my life and I am in many community
service programs such as Key Club, National Honors Society, Future
Health Professionals, Hawaii Pre-Health Career Corps, and I’m an
Official Khan Academy and College Board Student SAT Practice
Ambassador, intern at Dr. Ono’s Internal Medicine office, and
intern at Dr. Meurs’ Pediatricians office. As you can see, my main
focus of my community service is health. I am highly interested in
the medical field and would like to pursue a major in Nursing and
then continue on graduate school where I seek to receive my Pediatric
Nurse Practitioner degree. Volunteering provides help for others and
provides satisfaction, life lessons, unique experiences and much more
for you

main volunteer work which I’d like to focus on is my internship at
Dr. Meurs’ Pediatrician office. I started interning there in
January 2017 and have loved it ever since. Last school year I
volunteered at least 4 hours every week, but this school year I’m
only able to volunteer 3 hours a week. During the summer my interning
schedule varied greatly because of my schedule and my mentors.
Overall I have volunteered over 120 hours since starting in January
and I plan to put in many more hours before leaving for college this
upcoming year.

am very grateful to have an internship where I am given lots of
responsibilities. At the office I do part of the nurses job by taking
patients vitals which include a sight test, weight, height,
temperature, and manual blood pressure and pulse. For infant patients
I also take length and head circumference. When needed I give hearing
and breathing test along with flu and strep throat tests. I also
assist Dr. Meurs on consults with patients by listening to breathing
sounds, handing her instruments, and holding patients. Around the
office I am in charge of cleaning when needed such as changing bed
paper after every patients, sweeping, dusting, disinfecting, breaking
down boxes, restocking formula, and much more.

I love my internship, there are some hardships. The biggest challenge
I’ve had to face thus far is dealing with bad parents. Many parents
are very irresponsible with their kid’s health whether it’s not
brining them in for their vaccinations or letting them do whatever
they want. As a volunteer, it isn’t my place to tell my patients
parents how to be a better parent. This is very frustrating at times
because I can see the kids suffering from the misconduct of their
parents and it truly isn’t fair to them. When a couple or women is
pregnant, I feel it is their responsibility to educate themselves on
how to take care of their child and give them the best life possible.
It upsets me to see patients with parents who don’t seem to care
much about them or don’t know how to properly take care of them.

are so many satisfying parts of my volunteer work, but if I had to
pick one it would have to be seeing babies develop and grow. I get
the amazing privilege to do babies physicals over the course of many
months and its incredible how much they can change in such a short
amount of time. In a few months a baby can learn his or her first
words, learn to walk, and develop a distinct personality. Seeing them
develop reminds you how amazing life is and it’s very satisfying
knowing that you helped them on their path of life whether it was
taking their vitals or assisting on their vaccinations.

volunteer work at Dr. Meurs has taught me more than I could have ever
asked for. Through this internship I have found my love for
pediatrics which swayed my career choice from nursing to wanting to
become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Although it’s volunteer
work, internships have schedules and responsibilities like a job
does. I learned how to be a good worker by being responsible,
respectful, a self-directed learner, community contributor, complex
thinker, quality producer, effective communicator and an ethical user
of technology.

volunteering has brought me more blessings than I could’ve ever
imagined. Volunteering provides help for others and provides
satisfaction, life lessons, unique experiences and much more for you.
I highly recommended volunteering to anyone who has the time to.
Volunteering is a big part of my life and I will continue
volunteering through my many community service groups as much as I

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