Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Volunteering’s True Meaning

Name: Darian Jacobs
From: Bowie, Maryland
Grade: 10th
School: Bowie High School
Votes: 1

Darian Jacobs II



Grade 12

and its Impact on Me

feel that as a high school student, and as I grow older, I realize
that volunteering and just completing the minimum required community
service as a high school senior is really only the minimum nowadays.
In today’s society, it is really crucial for all young people to
stay committed during their time in school and after they graduate
from high school as well as college. Today’s younger generation is
much more focused on just doing enough to get by opposed to remaining
focused on trying to make our communities better for the future.
Ongoing or continuous genuine community service will ensure our
communities better stability and also help keep our communities in
great condition.

I participate in community service throughout the year. This includes
church, helping the neighbors, community organizations, and helping
my mother who actually chose the social services profession as a
career. I am also apart of a couple or additional organizations that
are dedicated to promoting better YOUTH community service
participation. One such program is called EMBODI, Empowering Males
to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence. This is a program
that primarily focuses on developing young African American men such
as myself in life skills and giving back. Throughout the school year
we do various volunteering such as Toys For Tots, Thanksgiving food
drives for the homeless, Christmas in April, and other events that
are community based. We also participate in events and trainings once
every month.

of my favorite events is Toys For Tots every year. During this
volunteering event my annual responsibilities include finding gifts
and distributing them to families. I get much satisfaction while
volunteering here because it makes my heart warm knowing that as a
volunteer I can help change the outcome of a young persons Christmas
by giving them gifts. The positives that come from this event include
bringing happiness to a lot of families. It’s very hard to find
negatives or challenges doing this. I love the positive vibes that
this event gives off when I am involved and furthermore, the holiday
spirit keeps me in a great mood and spreading love to the community
is what it’s all about!. Over the years of participating in Toys
For Tots I have learned the value of giving back to the less
fortunate and I love being apart of such a great thing. While I have
never been the type to ask for lots of things growing up as a kid,
this event reminds me to be grateful for the situation my family is
currently in. Most of these families who we help are typically low
income families that can’t afford to give their children much at

is an important responsibility to me. Volunteering develops
character, allows you to build your community in a positive way, and
it also can be important in building your future as a positive and
productive person.

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