Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Volunteerism

Name: Isabel Apodaca
From: Plano, TX
Grade: Freshman
School: Frisco Liberty High School
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Ever since I was young, I have always given back. Whether that be giving my
brownie away to someone that wanted it more, giving someone a
bracelet that didn’t have one, or lending my blanket at recess when
it got too cold. My mother had always told me that I have a soft soul
and a nurturing heart and before 2017, I had no idea how to apply
that to the world around me.

My aunt, cousin and I have been volunteering with the non-profit organization ‘Youth
World’ for 2 weeks now and it has opened my eyes to the world
around me. It has had completely changed the whole reason why I tell
others “thank you” and it has made me drastically more grateful
for everything I have.

My family and I work with Youth World and other non-profit organizations at least 4
times a month, 5 hours each time. The first time we had volunteered,
we were assigned a child to get presents at Target with a $50 limit.
We took the underprivileged children and walked them around the store
to choose any toy they wanted. The excitement they felt radiated
through their eyes and smile, it was so unbelievably satisfying to
know that I helped one child have a merry Christmas. The next time we
volunteered was helping children and parents pick out Christmas
presents. The happy tears that shed were heartwarming and it
motivated me to continue to make differences in other people’s

Working with Youth World has, not only, been fun and inspiring, but difficult to
an emotional extent. Although volunteering has its benefits of smiles
and hope, it’s difficult to not do more than what you signed up
for. It’s hard to not get involved or invade anyone’s personal
life, or take anyone home with you to make sure they have a meal and
a warm place to sleep. Volunteering is life altering, but it is also
extremely challenging to not take the problems onto yourself.

Volunteerism in our youth seems to be growing, but there needs to be more. A few
hours out of your day can change someone else’s life forever. You
leave with a warm heart, a determined mind and an inspiring
motivation that influences you to continue to make changes in the
world around you.

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