Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Volunteerism

Name: Holly Jayne Forkey
From: Coraopolis, PA
Grade: 10th grade in 2015-2016
School: Moon Area Senior High School
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Maybe because I
am the middle child in my family or maybe because my parents
separated before I ever remember us being a family, but I am very
shy. While I am not part of the “popular” crowd, I am not a
total outcast either. I sort of go under the radar in the world of
high school. But when I am serving at St. Philips, I feel really
comfortable. Yes, I am there to serve, but I am being so provided
for by the love of Christ that everyone in my church family shows me.

My mom relied
heavily on the church since she and my father separated before I was
2 years old. They helped me and my siblings feel comfortable in that
environment. It really feels like a family – there are really old
and handicapped people and new babies and everything in between.

Once I became a
teenager, it was time for me to start giving back. When the church
hosts some events, I help behind the scenes – my specialty is
preparing beverages for guests and helping to serve and clean up
after dinners. But my favorite volunteer activity is when I serve as
greeter about once per quarter. Most everyone there recognizes me.
I like smiling and welcoming them and wishing them a good morning.
Part of my duty is to collect tithe offerings and to let each pew
know when it is there turn to go to the altar for communion. At
first, I thought that they would not let a teenager do anything that
mattered or tell people what to do. But, they really seem to embrace
the thought of the next generation taking on an active role in “the
family”. So even though I am there to volunteer (about an hour a
week – some weeks more and some less), I get so much. Mostly, I
leave there with the love and confidence to carry me through times
that would normally make me want to give into my shyness and hide.

I want to be a
Project Manager when I graduate from West Virginia University, And I
know that that will require me to be assertive at times. Being shy
is part of who I am and I am comfortable with it. I will probably
never run into the spotlight and don’t have to be the center of
attention, but I have learned to center my attention on what is

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