Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Volunteerism

Name: Amber Raneigh Robertshaw
From: Venus, Texas
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My name is Amber
Robertshaw, I volunteer with my grandmother at the Holy Jeans thrift
store, when I am not working or at school. I chose to work with my
grandmother at her store because it is nonprofit organization that
not only gives back to the community, but also serves as a food
pantry for families in need. I am rarely able to go with her anymore
because I often have school work or band practice. However, when I am
able to go, we normally volunteer on the first saturday of every
month for four hour periods. While volunteering my responsibilities
are making sure the families get the correct things by double
checking their bags. Also making sure everything is in place around
the store. My biggest challenge was having to listen to the stories
of the recipients of food. The biggest satisfaction that came from
volunteering was helping a family not starve and get through the next
few days or even week. Being a volunteer has taught me that no matter
how good you have things in life anything can happen to knock you
down and leave you with nothing. LIfe is brutal. This type of
volunteering is in alignment with my career and interest goals for
the simple fact that I want to help people be better than they
previously were and let them know that someone cares for them, though
they may think differently. Forward looking means looking into
benefits of the future and how you are affected. I see the activity
of volunteering as forward looking because it shows people that there
is an opportunity to give back to and help those who once helped you.
Also to help those in need now in hopes they will soon return the
favor. I hope to foster the change of respect and willingness to
help. Kids and young adults should want to jump at the first
opportunity to help out others and not expect pay with it. I believe
if I were to come back in ten to twenty years that my volunteer
activities would have made a difference because I took the time to
show someone I care enough about them to ensure they get the correct
food to help them get through the rough times. Leading them to want
to do the same for others.

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