Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Education: The Key To Success

Name: Alexa Goble
From: Hendersonville, NC
Grade: 12
School: Hendersonville High School
Votes: 0

up, education always came first in my family. My parents did anything
possible for me to succeed in school, instilling the importance of
college and success early on. Tutoring allows me to spread this
virtue to others, helping them rise out of oppressive situations
through the best means: education. It allows me to impact others as
my favorite teachers have inspired me. Mrs. Bernstein, my fifth grade
teacher, provided me with self-confidence and encouragement, shaping
my future attitudes. Mr. Kowalski, my English teacher, pushed me onto
the path of educational success in 7th grade, before consequences
were severe, with his own story of triumph. Their lessons and values
remain with me today. Like Mrs. Bernstein and Mr. Kowalski, I too can
become a catalyst for someone’s success through tutoring.  Every
week, I tutor for 3-4 hours before and after school, dedicating my
spare time to encourage others’ success.

individual has unique goals and accomplishments. For some, assistance
getting an A on a math test is expected and therefore achieved. For
others, simply completing math homework and learning how to calmly
take a test is expected and therefore achieved. A common challenge –
whether one is a senior or a middle schooler, trying to push their
grade to an A or trying to pass a class – is understanding the
learning styles of others. Working with various individuals shows
everyone needs a different approach to education, tutoring allows a
unique approach and promotes the greatest self-improvement.

people who struggle with learning disabilities reveals that effort is
not the only key to success. These individuals are burdened by
situations they cannot control and an often unstable home. Their
unjust obstacles in life hinder potential, but tutoring relieves
these challenges and provides the much needed, individualized
attention schools do not have the resources to provide.
biggest reward is providing this support and attention to at-risk
children.  These children often cannot advocate for themselves,
and a mentor can be their only source of stability and encouragement.
 Seeing someone else succeed due to your support brings
unparalleled joy and fulfillment.

means fostering change that will persist long after I leave my
community.  Tutoring can change an individual’s life path.
Especially with young children, a simple outreach can promote a
lifetime of success.  Though teaching others does not align with
my desired career, an engineer, I am motivating future innovators and
even my future colleagues through science and math education.  Thirty
years from now, these children could look back and identify me as the
catalyst for a successful career. Motivating children to pursue math
and science now can result in meaningful innovations for the world

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