Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Giving back gives back to you

Name: Allison B Berndt
From: Bloomingdale, OH
Grade: First Year in College
School: Capital University
Votes: 22

I’m Allison and a first-year Nursing student.

was not only born but spent the last 19 years of my life in Germany –
as a dual citizen to both Germany and the United States. After being
confirmed into the Lutheran church (by my dad!), I started to
volunteer as a youth leader and chaperone. I volunteered for the
church district about 250 hours a year, adding up to over 1000 hours
over the 4 years. Because I now study in the US I can’t follow up
with this work anymore and I miss it greatly. I loved being the “big”
girl the children looked up to, even if I was only 14 in the
beginning. I remember countless conversations with youth and young
children talking about the church and how they too want to do what I
am doing. Isn’t it the best feeling when you can inspire other kids
to follow you in your leadership? I lead confirmation classes,
children’s church and so many weekend and vacation events made
specifically for the children whose parents could not afford to send
them to camp or go on a vacation. But boy, did we make up for it.
Even though this chapter had to end, my work as volunteer did not.
Volunteering is like working, but it’s a hobby. It stays fun and
refreshing but also rewarding and a way to escape daily life by
bettering other peoples lives. After finishing my high school
diploma, the “Abitur”, I was 18, I decided to volunteer for
the German Red Cross in the Emergency Medical Services. Working
full-time at 48 hours a week, I volunteered for the organization more
than 2000 hours. I became an EMT through 2 months of training after
which I was fully responsible to work beside a paramedic. I drove the
ambulance, treated patients and even got to take over calls. I got to
learn how to put in IV’s and administer medication. What I had
enjoyed most as an EMT was my contact with the patients. I loved
building relationships to the patients, making them feel safe with me
while I attended to them medically. And I loved it just as much as
gaining medical knowledge and experience. Volunteering in the
medical field has had a great impact on my future endeavors. Because
I decided to give back to my community I happened to find out what I
want to be when “I grow up.” A flight nurse or nurse
practitioner. Volunteering is more than giving back and doing
something good for others. It’s learning about yourself, stepping
outside of your comfort zone and growth. I encourage everyone to
volunteer – pretty much anywhere. Giving back has given me back even

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