Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Suicide Awareness Makes a Change

Name: Ariadna Michell Garza
From: Alamo, Texas
Grade: 10th
School: Donna North High School
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Ariadna Garza

Suicide Awareness Makes a

Tears fell down their faces as
I portrayed her story. “I had a job, a family that loved me, but I
couldn’t take the attacks so I ended my life. On November 29, 2016
Brandy Vela committed suicide by shooting herself in front of her
family.” Silence followed and tears kept on coming. “Suicide is
no joke, if you know somebody that needs help, or you are going
through rough times please speak up. There are people who care about
you.” With a smile and a tear, I sent them off and waited for the
next group. By volunteering we were bringing awareness to people, and
maybe even saving their lives.

The Silent Voices, a project
that brought teen suicide awareness to our community. When my
organization proposed the idea, I was all for it, knowing suicide is
one of the main causes of teen death. The idea was to research two
Texas teens who had committed suicide and portray their lives, Brandy
Vela, and David Molak. They needed actors to portray each person, I
volunteered for Brandy Vela. When all the positions where set we
started our research and we asked for donations on baby clothing,
toys, anything that had to do with a child growing up. It took us a
whole week to put everything together, we practiced a lot, and the
day of our presentation finally arrived. I was afraid that I wouldn’t
be able to touch their hearts, but I would try my best.

I walked people across a
table with baby clothing, barbies, purses, etc.…, while speaking of
Brandy’s life. As I reached the end of the table, I urged the teens
in front of me to speak up for their friends, for themselves and save
a life. “Suicide is no joke, if you know somebody that needs help,
or you are going through rough times please speak up. There are
people who care about you.” As I said that I myself cried. This was
a powerful message. They then moved on to a wall where pictures of
other teens, who had taken their lives, where placed. My fellow
classmate handed everyone that passed, paper just in case they wanted
help, a box would be waiting outside. I looked in front to the other
table and saw David Molak’s story unfold. All these teenagers
passing trough our presentation where being touched, and I was
changing the world in my way.

one project gave me sixty-four community hours but a life time of
awareness. After our two-day presentation our sponsor gathered all
the volunteers in our school auditorium and told us something that
touched my heart. “Thanks to all of you, your presentation touched
two dozen people, you guys saved lives.” To hear someone tell you,
you saved a life, at such a young age, its probably the most
rewarding thing ever. Volunteering just shows how much I want to
help. As a high school student, I’m lost, I don’t know what I
want to be when I grow up. What I do know is I want to change the
world for the better, and leave a mark. I hope that what I do as a
volunteer changes people lives, and in the future people do what I
do. For now, I’ll keep volunteering and raising awareness.

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