Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Sunshines shadows

Name: Sarah July Donovan
From: Portland, Or
Grade: Starting nursing school for anesthesiology
School: Clackamas community college
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Windows of pained expression tinkering with a chatter from winters soft breath.
Mistings of the doorway caused a snowy track of bootprints to melt to
puddles. Winter always was cold in Utah. Being a janitor for high
school mentally institutionalized troubled teens brought out a
certain spirit in me that saw the world as the butter on a man’s
bread. Why no matter your endless labeling of yourself, the spices of
life are within grasp no matter your spice!! Yet in the cold weather.
Was an endless truth that not even frosty the snowman was prepared

My volunteer task was to clean a portion of there house the unit we lived on,
clean horse stables, and garden. Many people in these institutions
often flock to each other as support. Everyday as a unit, we
cleaned and shared feedback at the end of the night. I learned and
felt a little something from everyone every day. We were all women on
unit Everest north trying to make an outstanding in the world!

Today I realized how much little things build up. And how even im the cold
unforgiving winter, there will always be a patch of sunlight around
if you can just share a little laughter and love. Because maybe not
now.. Maybe NOT EVER!! Someone cares for you. I was glad to be more
of a warming shadow then a blinding ray for 7 months straight of love
and happiness.

In the cold dim dismal night, I realized. Back turned to the wall… not everyone can
offer something like blood or hair to be donated. Yet there’s always
room for more passion and laughter to motivate people as a whole
again. The rest of that night. Was no longer. So cold.

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