Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – The Governors Approval

Name: Steadman A Blake Jr
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work with Assemblywoman Latrice Walker & the Governors

My biggest achievement in life
was working with Assembly Woman Latrice M. Walker.
The project
she assigned me on was Vital Brooklyn.
I research several
states to see what kind of program they have, and then I would see
how the people of their Community benefit from these programs. I also
check the impact of those who were affected by these positive
programs and check to see the success rates of these programs. I also
research to see what they had accomplished and the recognition they
have on the people they help. I research the programs they have for
poor communities and see their progress and development, & their
success rates, and achievements. With these info’s, I have an idea
of what this new project should be implemented in the project – Vital

I research those States programs & their
goals to see how their Community benefited from these programs. I
checked their success and write down my own ideas & brainstorm
with other co-workers to see what should be suggested for our

the end of the day, there would be at least over 20 pages of ideas –
that would make our community better by researching several States in
the Union to see what made their ideas benefit their communities
around their cities. By comparing their success rate to each other
and looking at the history of the community, gives an idea of what
should be implemented. All of that determines what idea would benefit
the Brooklyn area in New York. The projects that I had completed with
other employees. This Project was a success! I received a
notification by Email from the Assemblywoman stating; one of the
ideas I had for vital Brooklyn was approved by the Governor Of New
York! The governor of New York approved many of the ideas I had
written down with other employees, and many things were implemented
into Vital Brooklyn Project. Governor Andrew Cuomo sign off and
approve of these new changes!

Knowing one of my ideas was
implemented in the new legislator brought joy to my heart & soul.
It brings joy to me knowing one of my greatest Ideas would help
millions, living in Poverty in the New York Area.

ideas in which I had was the Schooling Programs. Since books cause so
much money for the students. One of the ideas in which I had was to
completely Powerphrase some textbooks, to avoid copyright issues.
Plus, to add in additional photos and texts. One must go out and find
the proper material to add to the edited/PowerphraseTextbooks.

very cheap to have teachers work on this material. Plus, it would
benefit the school & students and would be a lot more affordable!

was one of the must recognize ideas I had. Stated the
Assemblywoman. That one idea stood out a lot said the Assemblywoman.

Steadman Blake can say that I am proud of this accomplishment!

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