Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – The Holy Volunteer

Name: Efosa Osayanwen
From: Lumberton, New Jersey
Grade: 10th
School: Bishop Eustace Prep School
Votes: 0

volunteered at a young age at my church and I still do till this day.
What I did when I was younger, I would help with the kid’s
ministries with teaching the kids and working the computer so they
can watch videos and so they can read verses and do daily activities.
I have done that for over 4 years at church and I did the same for my
youth small group that met every Wednesday, I would be in control of
the music and setting everything up and I did it that for 2 years. I
love serving at my church because ever since I was 8 or 9, I felt
this church was my second home and I grew up with people I can call
my sisters or brothers. Before moving up to the main services I
taught kindergarten to 4th grades which were good but some of them of
would throw tantrums as expected. I also would work with 5th and 6th
graders and I would oversee the computer the music and to make sure
that the room would be set up for every service they would assign me
to. The Church that I go to is Pentecostal and the services would run
from 9:30 to 10:45 and 11:00 to 12:15. I used to serve both services
because of the lack of help in the rooms, but now I work upstairs I
can see the main service and be able to do my work at the same time.
I worked all positions while working upstairs with doing audio on a
switcher board, using pro-presenter on a computer, the lights,
camera, and technical director. With the switcher board I could
control the volume of the worship band while they performed, when the
pastor gives the message, I would control his mic, and the volume of
the videos were on the big screens that everybody in the church could
see. For pro presenter on the computer I would control the big
screens that people during the service can look at if needed. And for
the lights I controlled the lights during the worship performing,
during the pastors’ message and throughout the entire service. And
in the church’s back where the camera records the service there is a
computer and I would work at that computer as the technical director
and I would oversee when to start the service and control what people
would see when the service is being live streamed so that people
could watch it anywhere from home. At this church I have done so many
positions from a very young age and I love working there every Sunday
because I know I am serving not just church, and everyone is in it
but I am also serving God. It is important to let people have a good
experience or to have a good feeling when going to any church they go
to and I made it my mission to give my best self every Sunday so that
people cannot think of my church as a bad thing but a home away from
home. The biggest challenges I had to deal with at church was that
adapting to change because I went from being around little kids and
5th graders; to working in the main services with actual adults. It
was a big challenge because I have developed a bond that could never
be broken with the kids and whenever I see them, they are asking when
I will come back, and it hurt them to say I would never come back. My
dad told me it’s life, and I had to learn how to change things and
become uncomfortable and not to just be comfortable. Now I still work
in the main services and I work all three positions of being
technical director, doing the camera, and running the clock for
different things during the service. What I am doing is not only
because it is interesting but that it challenges me, and I must stay
sharp no matter what. Everything is crucial because it is easy to
mess up. I have had made many mistakes with running the computer and
doing the camera, but the only thing I could do is to change and
adapt so I can be the best I can be. This job every Sunday is honor
because I love what I do and I do it with passion.

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