Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – True Meaning of Volunteerism

Name: Aaron W Prescott
From: New Richmond , Ohio
Grade: 12
School: New Richmond High School
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I was four my brother and I were taken out of foster care and soon
after were adopted. This has largely shaped me into who I am today
and is a driving force behind the volunteerism that I am involved
with. My parents have kept us involved in youth activities like
church and 4-H. The activities have taught me to take care of
people. For the past year, I have helped to make nursing home
decorations for holidays. I have taken part in collecting shoes for
the needy and delivering meals at Thanksgiving.

hits home with me the most though is working with youth. I help kids
with their 4-H projects giving them lessons on animal husbandry and
showing. We play at meetings and I usually end up with one of the
cloverbuds on my shoulders. In addition, I am part of the Jr.
Fairboard. This allows me to volunteer around the fair and go to
leadership training. Additionally, once a month I teach preschool
where I help children learn about God. I also work in the nursery
every week during first service. Learning the needs of you has shown
me how children think differently at various stages. There is a lot
I need to learn though. I am not always sure what to do when a
little one gets upset, but I am quickly finding out through guidance
and experiences.

hardest part of volunteering with youth is not actually working with
them. It is the emotional aspect. A couple of years ago I went on a
mission trip to work at children’s home. I enjoyed getting to know
the kids many of which were the same age as me. It was a strong
reminder of how blessed I am to be adopted. It made be feel
grateful, but also made me wonder “Why me?” Currently, I am
working towards my next mission trip. In March I am going to the
Dominican Republic to work at an orphanage. This trip will be
another life changing event…something that I will never forget.

involvement will always be part of my life. I want to be an adoptive
parent. My hope is to have my own automotive business which will
allow me to control my hours and stay involved in activities like
4-H. I am focussed on how I can make these ambitions become a
reality. I know that I will need to work various jobs, live
modestly, and save. Forward thinking requires planning, effort and
the realization that instant gratification is not going to happen.

than anything I want children to know that they are loved and that
they have salvation through Jesus Christ. There is more to turkey
dinners than just providing a meal and more to playing a game at a
meeting than just having fun. What I am doing is about giving love.
Showing and giving love through volunteerism is truly the only way to
make a long standing difference in this world.

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