Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Until the Whole World Hears

Name: Nelly Velasquez
From: Fontana , California
Grade: 11th Grade
School: Summit High School
Votes: 0

the Whole World Hears.” I remember reading those words plastered
onto a tacky banner, hanging at the front entrance of the city’s
local church. Furrowing my eyebrows, I was puzzled as to what exactly
the world should hear. At every moment of my life since then, as I
(alongside millions of others) have been witness to a drastically
changing world of political and social turmoil, those words have
never once left my mind. It had occurred to me that in the midst of
all the madness, the world was in dire need of hearing something
genuinely good.

phrase had motivated me to serve in numerous ways as a youth leader.
I volunteered during the weekends as a worship leader where I led
bible studies. Occasionally, I would help as a camp counselor where
I’d set up activities and group discussions with children. During
the week, at school, I was a peer mentor for students falling behind
in grades or just needing comfort when school or family situations
become overbearing. I would also host many fundraising events for
causes such as homelessness or toys for children during the holiday

grew a huge passion for serving others with the intention of always
wanting to influence anyone with a meaningful message or act of
kindness. I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride when I’d sit
down with children and teach them to be compassionate individuals and
they’d in turn give back small compliments to each other. With my
background as a Hispanic and LGBTQ+ individual I understood what it
was like to want to be heard or to accepted and even loved and so I
could empathize greatly with others. To me, the world and its future
is in the hands of younger generations. My intention of serving
according to that phrase (“Until the Whole World Hears”) is
focused on influencing those around me and children in a significant
and meaningful way.

purpose of my volunteer work has also impacted my career decision in
environmental science. I strongly believe mastering this field of
study will help battle other worldly issues such as global warming.
I am motivated everyday to act out on the duty of giving the world
something to hear, something that will make the chaos and destruction
go away. Just one act of kindness or intention of completing things
to the best of one’s ability will be the start to ensuring a future
of success and love. If everyone were to share in the same effort,
this future would be well within reach. Until then, no one should
ever waiver in their dedication to setting forth change.

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