Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Youth Forward

Name: Jared Wayne Beyers
From: Pana, Illinois
Grade: 11
School: Pana High School
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Being actively involved in 3 sports since 7th grade,
especially in High School, can be a daunting task in itself. A large
amount of time is required to one, get better and improve my skills,
and two, show leadership to the other team members and underclassmen.
I have worked hard at both of these, but I also made sure I was
available for other activities as I was needed. I grew up in a family
that is very civically involved and this has always been encouraged
by my parents.

I went to grade
school at a parochial school in my home town, so it was only natural
to belong to the youth group in my church. St. Pats Youth is a group
of high school students that meet each week for fellowship and
bonding, discussing tools to use to try to avoid some of the tempting
issues that plague teenagers today.

For the past 4
years I have been involved in a program that has proved to be very
rewarding and has been a privilege to be a part of. Membership in
FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has been not only rewarding in
the sports arenas, but very enjoyable and fulfilling at the FCA Camps
my high school held each year. Since my freshman year I have been a
Huddle Leader at these camps, trying to instill positive ideas and
behaviors into young FCA campers. Some of these kids do not have
positive influences in their lives and some rarely even see a Bible.
At the camps, Huddle leaders such as myself, discuss Bible passages
with these youth and try to relate these passages to life today. This
was such a rewarding experience that I am sure I will miss it after
high school.

As a member and
captain of the high school football team, our coaches encouraged us
to give back to the community for their support to our program
throughout the year. During the summer I was part of a group that
would help elderly individuals with their yard work and landscaping.
Last summer we totally landscaped a house belonging to an elderly
couple that were not able to do it themselves. I also assisted at all
the youth football and basketball camps.

As a captain of
the basketball team, I assembled some teammates to attend and assist
a Veterans Day Ceremony that dedicated a new memorial at the local
city park. My basketball coach has strong ties to the veteran’s
movement, having a father that is a World War II veteran. I felt the
need to support it also and urged my teammates to attend.

Being involved
both in the community and in school has been a very rewarding
experience for me. It made me feel like I was returning the support
that people have given me over my teenage years. I think it has also
helped me see the positive side of life and helped me feel confident
in my decisions in life so far.

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