Getting a driving license is the next big step towards independence for most teens. You could finally go to school and come back on your own terms. If you are 16 or older you are eligible to apply for a Class D license, but how long is the whole process, and are there any other requirements?

What is Driver’s Education?

When Joshua’s Law was passed, the idea behind it was to slowly introduce teens to driving. Government officials thought it is better to allow restricted driving at a younger age than to only give a full license to teens when they “come of age”.


Under a low-risk environment, you can slowly develop your driving skills and learn safe driving practices. After all, that is the whole point of driving. To get you from point A to point B safely and faster or at least more comfortable than the bus.


Driver’s education is a program that prepares you for a learner’s permit and a driver’s license. You will learn about the traffic laws, dangerous road conditions, hazardous weather, distractions, the importance of not using your phone while driving, etc.


Even though Driver’s Ed is mandatory in Georgia, it is here mostly out of necessity. You need to learn how to drive safely and which situations to avoid. This will make you a safer driver which will make the roads safer in general.

All The Requirements For a Class D License

In 2007, Joshua’s Law brought about a set of rules for all 16-year-olds applying for a Class D license. Firstly, one year and one day have to pass since you got the learner’s permit. Then, you have to pass a Georgia driver’s education course, which is state-approved and includes 30 hours of lessons. After which, you will need another six hours of behind-the-wheel lessons.


Finally, you need 40 hours of supervised driving. In these 40, you need six hours of night-time driving. You are probably looking forward to the driving part of the journey to your license, but the classroom lessons?

Whether You Need Georgia Driver’s Ed Depends on Your Age

In line with exposing teens to more driving as they are getting older. You are only required to take driver’s education if you are younger than 17. So, if you are 16 years old and you want to get a driver’s license, you need proof that you passed through driver’s education, on top of that, you need 40 hours of supervised driving, six of which at night.


However, if you are 17 and older, you only need 40 hours of supervised driving including the six hours done at nighttime.

Where Should You Look For A Georgia Driver’s Ed Course

If you are only 16, spending any amount of time in a classroom can be a drag, especially if you already had your day at school. But the lessons you are learning at the driver’s ed course are extremely important. They are going to help you become a better driver and drive safely. 


Unfortunately, you might see it as just another boring class. But there is a solution to this problem. Online Georgia Driver’s Ed Course. Online driver’s ed course is the most affordable and convenient way to getting a driving license or a learner’s permit. You can complete the course at your own time, from the comfort of your home. Or you can take the course while you are traveling. 


The lessons in this online course are divided into easy-to-handle bites with quizzes. After you completed all the lessons, you can take the final exam. Also, you can repeat the exam as many times as you need, until you pass it.


The course is 30 hours long, as is required by Joshua’s Law. But the online version gives you the freedom to decide how many of the 30 hours you want to go through at a certain time. When you pass the final test, you will receive the certificate of completion.

Georgia Behind-The-Wheels Lessons

If you are younger than 17 and a half, you need the additional six hours of driving lessons. The driving training is usually composed of three two-hour sessions where you learn all about basic driving maneuvers, turning and intersections, entering and exiting highway traffic, and more.


Similar to the motivation behind the driver’s education, behind-the-wheel lessons are here to introduce you to a higher-risk driving environment. While exposed to instructors’ skills and knowledge, you will learn how to drive efficiently, and more importantly, safely.