Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – community service

Name: Jose Pineda Reyes
From: Raleigh, North Coralina
Grade: college junior
School: Saint Augustine's University
Votes: 0

Service Essay

since my freshman year I have been very involved in student
activities and affairs. I was elected Vice President of my freshman
class, a position that later on changed to President due to some
incidents. I took the responsibility confidently, as I have always
been a leader and will continue to be one. Now as I am halfway into
the first semester of my junior year I look back to what I have
achieved in the past years and reflect on where I stand. I notice
that not much has changed in me, I still care for my peers and try to
set a good example for them, I lead them into taking better decisions
and motivate them to do their best.

these weeks at school I have helped out as a volunteer in different
activities. They have been either organized by the leaders of the
school or by small groups. I started off my year in a great way by
helping out in the “Stuff the Bag” activity, where we organized
book bags with school supplies for elementary, middle and high school
students; so they could have everything they needed to start their
school year off right. I remember having a great time leading kids to
their desired book bags. The highlight of my day was a very special
kid, everyone thought that he was going to go for either a blue or
red book bag, but instead he chose a pink one. The wide smile on his
face said it all, he was tremendously happy.

kinds of volunteer work I have been involved in include ushering for
the Fall Convocation, breaking down and organizing booths at a
festival held downtown, and also helping as a cook at the Hallelujah
Soup Kitchen. All these have helped me into becoming a caring person,
who is concerned about the people around; especially helping out in
the soup kitchen, which I have not attended only once, but in
different opportunities. Serving the homeless has left a mark in my
life that will not easily disappear. Just the simple fact that these
people do not have anything and they are still happy with the very
few we provide for them, has left me with a completely different
perspective on how fortunate I am in this world.

me being part of the SGA executive board I have now an opportunity to
not just reach to one class, but the whole student body. Now I am
able to provide more awareness to students in how they should get
involved in campus activities and how they should get to know new
people. By doing this they can get informed like I do about recent
events in our society and in other parts of the world.

strive to continue helping others in whatever I am capable of and
also to continue escalating in my leadership positions.

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