Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2018 – Leslies Essay

Name: Leslie Conde
From: El Paso, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Valle verde
Votes: 0

person I am today is due to those around me who have impacted me &
have given me an example to lead by, they have also supported me to
do all I have in order to get where I am now. These people have been
in my family at home as well as in my different environments in my
community such as; school, work, & after school activities. These
different settings have shaped me into the person I currently am &
will impact me to become the person I strive to be in the future,
they have taught me what it means to work hard, be dedicated, &
be responsible.

home life has molded my perception of the world, giving me a
different outlook of life, teaching me gratitude & respect. At a
young age my mother has always pushed to me the lesson of mannerisms,
always explaining the importance of respect & how to be mindful
of others. It is her that has taught me to be aware to treat others
with kindness due to not being able to identify others for all they
are or are going through. It is this valuable life lesson that has
made me very observant & cautious today, causing me to be polite
towards all. I feel that because of my mother’s advice &
example, today I treat others as I would like to be treated & I
am able to recognize the feelings of others as well as relate &
sympathize with them. This has fortunately made me a very relatable
person today & an easy friend for others to talk to in a time of

environments that have shaped me are my after-school activities such
as theatre arts & dance. Both hobbies have taught me the
importance of dedication as I should be accountable for my
commitments. They have shown me how to be prompt in order to be
respectful of my time as well as the time of others. Along with this,
these activities have trained me to use my creativity as often as
possible as it is a quality to be appreciated for. After school
involvement, such as those mentioned, have verified to me the
importance of an active mind & stance in our community as it not
only benefits you but others too.

working, due to the demand of attentiveness, I have gained not only
the experience of a work place but also the quality of true
responsibility. The responsibility of a business, dealing with
customers, & dealing with the money of others has given me the
insight of pure reliability. The desire to not let down a customer,
coworker, & especially boss only increases my responsibility
making me more trustworthy. Now learning how to be truthfully
responsible, I better myself in work as I know how to be accounted
for in the present & future. Due to this characteristic, I have
more leverage in addition to experience for future work & task
that I decide to have or that are assigned to me.

I have been given the opportunity of being a part of the communities
that I have & learn from them, I have gained attributes that have
made me a preferable person. The gratitude for these environments, or
the people who are apart of them, cannot be expressed as I know they
do not only benefit me now, but they will also benefit me in the
future. Thus, I hope that I will only use the lesson taught to me
with greater effort & discipline to get to where I want to be.

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