Drivers Ed Online – One Glance

Name: Madison Smith
From: Tannersville, Pennsylvania
Votes: 5800

One Glance


I’m sitting in the driver’s seat of my mom’s car with an airbag
in my face and smoke all around. Sitting here, not even one month
after getting my permit, I wonder what have I just done? For me the
thought of driving has always made me nervous, and because of that it
has been hard for me to learn how to drive on the roads. Thankfully
when I crashed there were no other cars involved, and no one was
severely hurt. However, I was left wondering why isn’t there more
hands-on drivers ed offered prior to obtaining both your
permit and license? To get my permit I had to demonstrate that I had
knowledge about the rules of the road, but I never had to actually
prove I was able to safely drive and operate a vehicle on the road.
Driving in an empty parking lot is so incredibly different than
driving with other cars on the road, and that is why I believe
everyone should practice driving with a driving instructor as part of
their drivers ed. Personally, when I am driving with my
parents’ instruction I get very tense and nervous which is why I
believe it is important to learn from someone experienced in teaching
new drivers. Drivers ed not only teaches the rules of the
road, but it also helps drivers learn to be safe when driving.
Knowing how to drive safely on the roads not only helps protect you,
but it also protects others on the road around you. With the help
from drivers ed, deaths resulted from car crashes are reduced
because people are safer while driving. Other steps to reduce the
number of deaths related to driving include always being aware of
your surroundings, keeping your phone on do not disturb while
driving, and keeping your music down so you can fully concentrate. I
often observe drivers who not only go on their phones, but also blast
their music. There is no way that one can be fully concentrated on
the task of driving with so many distractions around them. Simply
eliminating these distractions while driving is just one way that
deaths resulting from car crashes can be reduced. From my recent car
crash, I have learned that even a concentrated driver can get into an
accident. Steps I will take to be a safer driver myself include
continuing to keep distractions away from me while driving, as well
as making sure I am constantly aware of everything around me at all
times. One glance a second too long caused me to lose sight of all
the things around me which resulted in me colliding into a telephone
pole and totaling a vehicle. I plan to use my experience of being in
an accident as a lesson for myself and my friends, many who are new
drivers themselves, as a reminder that you can never be too safe
while driving.