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Indiana Driving CoursesOur Online Driver Education Course is approved by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)!

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Welcome to Teen Driver Education’s Indiana teen driving course! If you are ready to begin learning how to drive responsibly, we are ready to teach you in a fun, convenient way. Our online drivers ed course gets you out of the classroom and lets you learn from the comfort of your own home. You get to set your own study schedule and move through the material at your own pace, giving you freedom that a typical classroom course could never offer.

Course price only $99 $89!

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I really liked taking this online course because it was easy and convenient to my schedule. Instead of sitting in a boring class, I was able to take it from the convenience of my own home! All the material was easy to read and learn from. I recommend this online course.

George Russell, Decatur

Indiana Drivers Ed Online

BMV Approved

Licensed by the Indiana BMV. Meets all state requirements.

Safety Focused

Safety-focused curriculum encourages responsible driving.


Easy access, user-friendliness and 24/7 support for your convenience.

Permit Test

Prepares students to successfully pass their Indiana permit test.

Indiana Drivers Ed Courses

We understand that between homework, sports teams, extracurricular activities, friends and family, teens aren’t left with much free time. That being said, driving can be very dangerous for those who aren’t prepared. Our Indiana online drivers ed program provides the perfect solution by offering a comprehensive driver education curriculum in an accessible, convenient way. Choosing to take Indiana drivers ed online with us is the best way to ensure you will learn everything you need to know in a way that suits your personal needs!


Why Choose Indiana Teen Driver Education

  • Study when you want
  • Fun and Interactive
  • Great Low Prices
  • Live Support
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How It Works

Before you sit in the drivers seat, there are a few steps you must take:

  1. Complete our Indiana Teen Driving course online
    Work through the BMV-approved 30-hour program by studying online drivers ed lessons that have been enhanced with relevant images and fun videos. With unlimited chances to pass each section, we can guarantee you’ll pass!
  2. Enroll in a behind-the-wheel training school
    Before you can be granted your Indiana learners permit you’ll have to enroll in a local behind-the-wheel training school. Once you’ve done this, you can head down to the BMV and apply!
  3. Obtain your Indiana learners permit and start practicing
    Once you’ve completed the steps above it’ll be time to go into your local BMV and apply for your Indiana learners permit. Your permit will allow you to begin behind-the-wheel training.
  4. Apply for your Indiana drivers license!
    After you’ve met the BMV driver license requirements, you’ll be ready to apply for your probationary drivers license and hit the road on your own!

Our online drivers ed course is the first step on the road towards your license. Register today to ensure you start your driver education on the right track!

Why Choose Us?

In our years of experience helping teach drivers just like you, we have learned a thing or two about what our students like and what they need. We have developed a comprehensive, interactive program and present it in a convenient, user-friendly format that is effective for all learning styles. Both parents and teens love our Indiana drivers ed course!

  • Approved by the Indiana BMV
  • No classrooms — it’s all online!
  • Immediate, unlimited access to course
  • Set your own study schedule
  • Curriculum written by safety experts
  • Unlimited chances to pass each section
  • FREE certificate of course completion
  • Customer support available 24/7

Our students really enjoy the flexibility that taking Indiana drivers ed online offers. Instead of spending even more time stuck in a classroom, you’ll get to learn in an environment and at a pace that best suits your needs.

Our goal is to make Indiana’s roads safer, and you can help! You can take drivers ed in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or any other city in the state, all from your own home. Join other drivers all across Indiana in learning how to be a safe, responsible driver!

Indiana Online Drivers Ed

Our Indiana teen driving program was created according to state guidelines and is approved by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You can rest assured that you will receive the credit you deserve for completing our course.

As part of an effort to improve upon Indiana teen driving statistics, we’ve ensured our course is an all-encompassing overview of driving safety. The curriculum covered in the 30-hour program is split into short lessons that have been enhanced with images and videos. With unlimited chances to pass each section, we can guarantee that you will pass our Indiana teen driving course!

Permit Test

As you learn the laws and skills you are going to need to navigate the road safely, you are being prepared to prove your understanding as well. Before you can hit the road, you are going to need your learners permit. Good thing our Indiana driver education program prepares you for it!

Sign up for Indiana drivers ed online today and you’ll be on the road to a lifetime of safe, responsible driving in just a few minutes!

*Please note, if you are taking this course to fulfill your Driver Education Requirements, please confirm with your high school that they will accept our completion certificate. Your high school will be responsible for providing you with the driver’s education completion certificate in order to sign up for driving lessons and take your permit test

Course price only $99 $89!

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