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Driver Education Round 3 – 2021 Drivers Education

Name: Vaun Larisa
From: Newton, MA
Votes: 41

2021 Drivers Education

Speaking for the majority of teenagers turning 16, it’s all about getting your license right away. The excitement of getting your first car, hitting the road to freedom is exciting. Finally becoming independent. No one speaks on the importance of taking drivers education, other than just getting that certificate, taking the driving test for your license. And yes, I was one of them.

I quickly learned when taking my driving lessons how scared I was. Driver’s speeding, weaving in and out between lanes. Squeezing in between cars they certainly couldn’t fit, with horns blaring. Driver’s riding so close behind the car in front of them as to push them out of their way. This is all very scary knowing these driver’s are putting lives at danger to get somewhere that is nowhere as important as one’s life.

Today everything is different with technology. We can now map out our traveling routes, be alerted of police ahead. Also see what the speed limit is. Drivers speeding know when to slow down and pick up their pace again. Possibly down the road they could cause a potentially life threatening accident. It takes one mistake to be an unsafe driver. I follow what I was taught so why should my life be at risk to someone not following the rules? Should this need to happen for any of us to realize that safe driving is not about this won’t happen to me?

We all had to take drivers education to receive our license. The guidelines are still not being followed. People dying from texting, drinking, speeding, not caring about safety were all instructed to follow. In the United States, 38,680 people died in 2020, 21,450 people died to date in 2021 due to traffic accidents. The number of deaths speaks for itself. All over the world there are speed limits signs, stop signs, traffic lights, no passing lanes, you can’t miss them. Driving on roads you see crosses, flowers made for those who have died from an accident. You see headlines on the news on serious accidents. This not enough to make the violators rethink their unsafe driving?

It’s time to take action. Our roads are so congested and some speed limits are high. I feel it’s time to evaluate these limits, especially where reoccurring accidents happen. Every violator should retake drivers education, fined a significant amount, possibly a temporary license loss. I’m not sure this will ever be enough for those violator’s to follow, but there are those that will rethink their actions and follow what they have learned from taking drivers education.

I have experienced being with a friend that was speeding. My words to him came from my mother. “You’re not going to get there if you get hurt in an accident or die or if you hurt or kill someone from being an irresponsible driver.” I told him to slow down or pull over, I will get out of the car.

Another experience with a few friends who seem to think it’s ok not to wear their seatbelt. Whether it’s uncomfortable or their clothes will get wrinkled. Seat Belts saves lives. It’s one of the most important topics we were taught in my drivers education class.

Using my voice in these situations is an important lesson. I hope to make someone understand that driving is a pleasure if you put safety first. These are strong words I will continue to say repeatedly.

I have been driving for one year now. I take it very seriously and follow what drivers ed has taught me. I am very aware of the road I’m traveling and speed limits. The excitement of getting my license now being on the road, I realize that a drivers education course is more than getting that certificate. It has given me the skills I didn’t think I needed until I started driving. I was all about getting my license. I now see how important it is for new drivers and those who have violated the driving law to take the driving course. We all need to remember why it is mandatory. It is the first thing we have to take before we are licensed. It’s all about safety for ourselves and others, there is no excuse to not follow these rules.

We all need to drive safely, not ignore the importance of safe driving for ourselves and other drivers.

Be a safe driver, follow what you have been taught in your drivers education class.