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Driver Education Round 3 – Driving Education

Name: Leorienne Lobao
From: Spencerville, MD
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Driving Education

Leorienne Lobão

Driving Education

The importance of getting education in driving is because it reduces the number of deaths. When one is educated in anything it helps them understand the importance and significance of it. Driving education is important because teens are unlikely to get into a car crash because they have learned what to do to prevent a crash. Getting an education in driving will help you achieve better driving habits, to enhance you to become an amazing driver.

Steps that can be taken to reduce the number of deaths related to driving is first to make sure that all the passengers in your car have their seat belts on. If anything were to happen the seatbelt is a great defense. The seatbelt keeps you in place during impacts, the seatbelts is designed to work with your car’s airbags, and it reduces the risk of getting injured badly. The seat belt has reduced the risk of death by 45% and the risk of serious injury by 50%, so it is always a great first step to fasten your seatbelt, and make sure all your passengers have theirs fasten.

If you have been drinking alcohol or doing drugs do not drive. It is important not to drive while you are intoxicated because alcohol slows down one’s reaction time, and reflexes. Alcohol also affects vision; it will slow down the muscles in your eyes which will take your eyes a long time to adjust to movement. Night and color vision will be affected, as well as cause blurry or double vision. Always drive the speed limit but also do not determine a safe speed limit on only the speed signs always think about the conditions.

Do not use your phone while you drive, using your phone while you are driving distracts you from knowing what is happening in your surroundings. Using the phone decreases your concentration on the road, instead of having their eyes on the road. The person is taking their eyes off the road, and their hands are not fully on the wheel. 5.7% of deaths on the road are due to texting and driving or talking on the phone.

Tailgating is not a good idea to do while driving. If you are driving to close to a car, particularly when driving at very fast speeds; it will be hard to react to the sudden stop to the car Infront of you. You should always drive 1-to-2 cars away from the person Infront of you.

Do not get angry while driving, road rage is very dangerous, because you do not know what the persons reactions will be. Getting angry while you are driving can cause you to do things that can put you in danger. For example, swerving in and out of traffic, taking risks that you are not use to, and driving in higher speeds.

I have been in a car accident with my mother when I was 8 years old. I remember that my mother and I were in the car when suddenly, the car behind us hits us very hard. My mother’s airbag explodes, and it scared me, I was young and forgot to put on my seatbelt. My mother did not double check if I had it on either, so I flew and hit the driver’s seat. I remember that the person who hit us fled the scene, and so it was a hit and run car accident. The police arrived and were asking my mother a lot of questions. My mother and I got hurt, her arm was in a lot of pain, she had to go to therapy because of the pain. As well as my hip, face, chest, and arm were bruised. The impact of me hitting the chair was very painful which caused me to get all those bruises.

Putting on makeup, doing your hair, or eating while driving. All these acts take your eyes off the road, prevents you from having both hands on the wheel and distracts you from paying attention to your surroundings.

Ways that can help you keep safe while driving is make sure all your mirrors are adjusted to your liking. You must make sure you can see all the right things around your surroundings with the mirrors. Always using turn signals is a great way to let drivers around you know where you are going. This will keep you safe because it will warn the driver behind you, they need to brake and have enough room to stop. Turn signals also help pedestrian know where you are going so that they do not walk in your blind spot. Always make sure to follow traffic lights and to stop at stop signs. Stopping at stop signs prevents you from crashing into an incoming car, as well as traffic lights keep the traffic organized. And let drivers know when to go, to prevent the road from being unorganized and out of control.