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Drivers Ed Cobb County, Georgia

Cobb County, Georgia Drivers Ed Online

Ready to take Drivers EdCobb area teens are finding it more beneficial than ever to attend driving school online in order to get their driver education. Parents and teens have to contend with busy work schedules, after school activities, homework and more. It’s hard to find time to fit in even more lessons, which is what makes online courses so convenient.

Parents will definitely be interested to know that researchers have confirmed that interactive computer-based instruction is a  more effective and efficient way  learning of basic skills and knowledge in driver’s education, and that this method of education can actually reach out and motivate that group of high-risk young drivers to want to drive safely.


Drivers Ed Cobb CountyWhen you take Drivers Ed online, you can choose your own schedule and go at your own pace. You don’t have to make it to a Cobb area classroom on time in order to complete your required 30 hours of drivers ed. Our online course features a timer to make sure you’re getting the right amount of training, and each of the modules is broken into subsections and features a workbook so you can get the driver education you need at the speed that’s best for you.

Since Joshua’s Law was passed in 2005, it’s been a requirement for Georgia teenagers to take 30 hours of Drivers Ed, and that includes students in Cobb County. In establishing  Joshua’s Law, it has  been the goal of the state of Georgia to to slowly introduce driving to novice drivers by providing them the opportunity to practice driving  and develop skills under low-risk environment. As the novice drivers become more experienced and competent, they are allowed to drive in increasingly difficult situations. This program of an incremental increase to novice drivers privileges have been shown to reduce vehicle crashes, injuries and death among the novice teen drivers. Parents play a key role in this program, helping to ease the teenagers into safe driving practices. A big part of that goal is increasing the exposure to defensive driving lessons, which can be taught in person or can be done at their own pace through our online course. Moreover,  “interactive computer-based instruction is a much more effective and efficient way of learning  basic driving skills and knowledge in driver’s education.

If you’d like to get your license but can’t make it to a physical classroom, enroll in our online course today! Drive safe!

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