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Driver’s Ed Floyd

Affordable Drivers Education in Floyd County, Georgia

Floyd County, Georgia – Online Driver’s Ed for Teens

Do you need Drivers EducationFloyd County area teenagers are now required to take a mandatory 30-hour Drivers Education course before obtaining their Class D license. This requirement was put into place with the passing of Joshua’s Law in 2005 in order to ensure young drivers are receiving the appropriate driver education and defensive driving skills before their actual driving practices  on the roadways which will enable them to drive safely on their own when they apply for a full drivers license. Drivers education and driver training behind the wheels by  DDS licensed driving schools are required for all Georgia teens under the age of 18.


Joshua’s Law Driver’s EdThe Drivers Ed course itself is a necessary stepping stone toward a full drivers license, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult to work into already-busy schedules of teens. Floyd area students often have after school obligations, which makes attending an extra class more strenuous. Luckily, there’s our DDS licensed online Drivers Education course available to young drivers at a very reasonable cost. This means parents’ work schedules and teens’ school activities don’t need to be disrupted because the required class time can be done from home, or any other convenient places at a time that’s most convenient. A built-in timer ensures the 30 hours are met, and workbooks in each module allow testing and in-depth studying at the student’s own pace. This Drivers Ed course meets the requirements Joshua’s law for Floyd County and all the counties in the State of Georgia.

When you’re ready for your Driver’s Ed, you don’t have to worry about transportation and scheduling to get yourself to another classroom. Floyd area teens can take the course any time and take their final exam whenever they’re ready. Enroll in our online course today! And get an emailed pdf copy of your DDS Certificate of Completion, just seconds or minutes after you pass your final exam.

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Ready to learn more about the affordable Online Driver’s Education for Georgia’s Teens? Tap on one of the links below to get access to an online Demo, to learn more about our DDS licensed, Joshua’s Law compliant Drivers Ed Course or to Enroll Now!

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