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Driver’s Ed Forsyth

Drivers Education in Forsyth County, Convenient Online Course

Forsyth County, Georgia – Teen Drivers Ed Online

Looking for somewhere to take Drivers EdForsyth County teens are actually finding it much easier to take online Drivers Ed.Georgia’s Joshua Law requires that a student undertake a 30-hour driver  education course on defensive driving techniques and driver safety before  he or she  can obtain a driver’s license. With their busy schedule attending classes and sports activities,  many Forsyth teens are having difficulty finding the time and transportation for another set of classes outside normal school hours. Therefore, getting their driver education through our online course is so appealing and a much more superior way toward earning a driver’s license.

Moreover, research has shown that “interactive computer-based instruction is a much more effective and efficient way of learning  basic driving skills and knowledge in driver’s education.


Driving School for Forsyth County teensLearning safety and defensive driving is incredibly important for the safety of teen drivers, which is why Joshua’s Law was passed. The law requires 30 hours of Drivers Ed and 40 hours of driving practice before Forsyth and all other Georgia teen drivers can obtain their driving license. Though this education is important, it’s also a significant amount of time to spend in a classroom outside of school. Other obligations take precedence, which is where online driving education comes in useful. You can take our online Drivers Ed any where and any time.

Each module of our DDS-licensed online course includes a workbook to help you study the way you need to, at the speed most comfortable for you. We want you to get your Drivers Ed in a way that helps you to learn superior driving skills,  structured around proven defensive driving techniques, with a main focus on changing driver attitudes to reduce traffic collisions caused by human error, because every skilled and knowledgeable driver makes the Forsyth streets safer.

If you’re ready to move from your permit to a license and get your Drivers Ed requirements completed, aim for our online course. This course meets the legal requirements of the State of Georgia, including Forsyth, so it will enable you to be ready to apply for the DDS provisional driving permit  in no time. Enroll today!

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