Driver Education 2020 – Live Your Life off Limit, but Drive to the Speed Limit

Name: Valery Kassandra Acopa Mendez
From: Kansas city, KS
Votes: 9771

Live Your Life off Limit, but Drive to the Speed Limit

Education Initiative

your life off limit, but drive to the speed limit. As students we
learn how to drive mostly at the age of 16. There are many reasons
for that, and one primarily reason it’s that our parents don’t
have the time to take us to school or we wait a long time for the bus
to pick us up. When we start to drive, we will get new feelings of
adrenaline when a car tries to pass us and we will try to go over the
speed limit to exceed the car. I think schools should provide a
program to make awareness about the deaths in car accidents.

of the things we could do to reduce the number of deaths related to
driving, could be to go at the speed limit. Remember to put the seat
belt before you start the car. According to
Seat Belt Safety Statistics Wearing a seat belt reduces the chance of
death in a crash by about 45% for cars and 60% for light trucks
I’ve seen people who don’t use it because it bothers them, but
they are not thinking of the consequences that it may bring. Another
step could be to look at the mirrors even three times or more and
then change to another lane and most people won’t look at the
mirror, but that’s why we have signs right under the mirror and
remember “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

so long ago I was in a car accident, I wasn’t driving but I was in
the backseat. My friends and I were parked outside the school, we
were ready to go so my friend checked twice to see if there was
someone passing and there was nobody. When she reversed, a van came
out off nowhere and the driver was off the speed limit. We got hit by
the van, but the driver was on his phone making a video call. There
was no physical injuries on either sides but it did shocked me. It
made me realize that at any moment you could end a life if you are
not a careful driver.

we really need to work on is on how not to use cellphones while
driving, if you are texting and you know you are about to drive you
could say “I’m about to start driving, I’ll talk to you later”
so they will know, and you won’t get texts. This generation is used
to hearing a notification and immediately check their phones, but if
you silence your cell phone and tell the people you are texting you
are going to drive there won’t be any noises and you will not touch
your phone and cause an accident.

people about driving safely matters.When driving fast, using a cell
phone while driving, not paying attention to the signs,going over the
speed limit, and not looking at the mirror, we could end a life
including ours if we are not careful drivers. Take the signs
seriously, do not wait until an accident happens to you because you
do not know if you are going to make it alive, always drive safely.